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Air Conditioning System Maintenance by Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC

Are you having difficulty keeping your energy bills low during the summer? Do you have frequent AC repair needs? All that you may need to solve these problems is air conditioning maintenance. If you don’t currently enjoy the advantages of routine AC tune-ups, then you’re missing out on some great benefits, including lower energy bills, improved performance, and greater reliability.

In addition to providing inspections and tune-ups whenever you might require them, the technicians at Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC also offer several different service agreements that can keep your AC (and other parts of your home) in great working order. We can make sure that your air conditioner is in tip-top shape throughout the summer so that you don’t have to worry about whether your home will be as comfortable as you need it to be.

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What is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

You may be under the impression that, once installed, your whole–house AC will simply operate indefinitely until it fails and requires replacement. If you purchase a quality air conditioner and have it installed by a pro, then it should definitely last for a good long while, although the number of seasons varies according to weather, average temperature, and the frequency of maintenance.

What is AC maintenance and why is it important? Basically, air conditioning maintenance includes three stages: an inspection of your system’s major components to look for signs of damage and lowered efficiency; cleaning your coils and other areas of your AC that have accumulated dust and other debris; and a tune-up of your system as necessary.

Benefits of Professional AC Maintenance

Frankly, there is no downside to having a professional maintain your AC. This service is cost–effective and it may save you hundreds of dollars in the long–term by reducing repair needs. Dirt and other debris can lead to significant damage over time—much more than you might expect, as they cause the entire system to work much harder than it should.

Another benefit of our professional air conditioner maintenance is that your system will be more reliable and will perform better. That means increased comfort for you and your family during the hot and humid summer months, which is never a bad thing. Moreover, by having your system tuned-up, you’ll keep your system incredibly energy efficient. Lowering bills is always a priority, isn’t it?

For Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance, Call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC Today

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today with any further questions. We offer outstanding air conditioning maintenance services throughout the area. Our service agreements also include cleaning, tune-up, and inspection for your fireplace, heater, and plumbing system. Contact our HVAC technicians or click here to learn more about our Maintenance Memberships, today!

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