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HVAC System Performance

Living in New England means that you get to enjoy all four seasons to the fullest. Our warm, picturesque summers offer a great counterpoint to our cold, snowy winters. Living in such an area, though, requires a great Heating and Air Conditioning system. It also means that you must get the very best performance that you possibly can from your HVAC system.

Investing in a high quality HVAC system is important if you wish to live comfortably throughout the year. That being said, doing so is no guarantee that that system will excel in heating and cooling your home. To ensure that your HVAC system is truly fulfilling its maximum potential, we suggest that you schedule professional HVAC system performance services with a member of the Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC, Heating & AC team.

What Is Air Balancing, and How Can it Benefit Me?

Air balancing is one of the most common ways in which homeowners can improve their HVAC system’s performance and efficiency levels. It also happens to be one of the most effective. If you use a forced air distribution based heating and/or cooling system, the airflow throughout the ductwork needs to be balanced. If it’s not you are not getting the maximum performance you can from your HVAC system.

Our statistics show that the average duct based air delivery system is only approximately 57% efficient. When we complete your air balancing service, we will measure the performance of your enitre system, from the ducts to the equipment. In addition to measuring straight airflow, hygrometers may be used to test for system temperature and humidity, while manometers test for pressure at different points in the system. Once we have gathered this information, we put together a detailed report that will outline any issues with your HVAC system’s performance and help us determine whether or not improvements can prove useful for your overall comfort and system efficiency. Armed with this information, your technician can go about making repairs or balancing airflow in order to help your HVAC system perform better.

Let Us Help You to Boost HVAC System Efficiency

The success – or lack thereof – with which your HVAC system functions can largely depend on the operational quality of your air distribution system. If pressures are imbalanced, if conditioned air is leaking at any point within the system, or if the ductwork is poorly designed, there is no way you are getting peak HVAC system efficiency in your home. Our technicians have the tools and equipment required to test airflow and humidity levels throughout your ductwork system, as well as the expertise to use that information in order to go about resolving any problems discovered.

Don’t wind up paying more money for weak performance from your HVAC system. Instead, schedule air balancing and HVAC system performance services with the pros on our staff.  That way, you can know for certain that the air that is heating and cooling your home is making its way throughout your home successfully, and in the most efficient manner possible. Call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today to get started on the path towards better, more efficient heating and cooling.