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Mitsubishi Ductless Split Systems

When you are looking into your home heating and cooling options, it is worth adding Mitsubishi ductless split systems to the list of products you are considering. These great home comfort systems have many advantages over other types of home heating and cooling systems, and they may be just the thing you are looking for to keep your home comfortable and cozy all year round.

Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC is proud to offer Mitsubishi ductless split systems to all of our MetroWest area customers. We have a great deal of faith in these products and believe that they can be an excellent solution for all of your home heating and air conditioning needs. Also, Basnett technicians have a considerable amount of experience installing and maintaining these systems, so you can be sure you get the best product and service available.

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Ductless System Components

A Mitsubishi ductless split system is actually made up of an outdoor condenser and compressor and one or more indoor units. The indoor units can be on a wall, the floor, or ceiling-mounted, and they are attached to the outdoor unit with refrigerant lines that transfer the coolant from the compressor to the in-room unit.

This basic set–up is actually quite similar to the configuration of a more traditional packaged air conditioning system or heat pump. What sets Mitsubishi ductless split systems apart is the fact that they do not require ductwork to cool or heat your home.

This means they are much cheaper to install in a home that does not have existing ductwork, and they can also be used to provide heating and cooling to a room that did not have access to it before because there was no space to put in the necessary ducts.

While a single indoor unit is only powerful enough to cool or heat one or two rooms of your house, Mitsubishi ductless split systems can also include multiple indoor units all linked to the same outdoor compressor, making it possible for them to heat or cool your entire house.

Superior Home Comfort Control

Each indoor unit of a Mitsubishi ductless split system is controlled individually, meaning that you can set different temperatures for different parts of your house. This makes it much easier to create a comfortable environment throughout your home. For example, you can set the temperature a bit lower in the kitchen when you are cooking and a bit higher in the living room when you just want to relax and watch TV.

Energy Savings

Mitsubishi ductless split systems are quite energy efficient to start with, and the individualized control that they offer for different areas of your home makes them even more so. That is because, with a Mitsubishi ductless split system, you don’t have to heat or cool your entire home to one set temperature throughout. Plus, there is no risk of energy loss due to leaks in ductwork!

Our Ductless Split Services

Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC has provided many customers throughout the MetroWest Boston area with Mitsubishi ductless split systems over the years. We firmly believe in these great products and are glad to offer them to our new customers. Just give us a call today to learn more about what these great systems can do to improve the comfort level in your home.

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