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Learn How to Get Warm Air Even without Any Air Ducts!

Many people install ductless systems in their homes because they have no other way to get cool air into the home. But did you know ductless systems offer heating as well? For much of the year, you can have high efficiency heating and cooling with a professional ductless mini split installation. Learn more in the guide below.

How Ductless Systems Are Installed

You may think that it’s not possible to get central air in a home without any ductwork. But a ductless system works a lot like the standard central home comfort system. In fact, it looks like the conventional central air conditioner or heat pump too.

An outside unit has a compressor and a set of coils. The difference is the indoor unit, which cannot be installed centrally in a home with no ventilation system. Instead, individual blower units are mounted in different rooms (or zones) of the house.

The outside unit can typically connect to up to four indoor blower units. In other words, you may need a second system for a larger home. A hole is drilled through the wall so that the refrigerant line can be placed in, allowing refrigerant to circulate between the inside and outside units.

How a Ductless System Provides Efficient Heat

Most ductless systems are not just air conditioners. They are actually heat pumps, a common home comfort installation throughout much of the country.

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat from one area to another, just like air conditioners do. When a heat pump is in cooling mode, refrigerant absorbs heat to move it out of the home, which in turn cools down a coil so you get cool air as the fan moves air over it.

When the heat pump is in heating mode, the process simply reverses. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the air outdoors—even in chilly temperatures—to move that heat indoors.

This is efficient because less energy is required to move heat than to generate it. If temperatures drop below freezing, you may need a backup source of heat. But for most of the year, you can use your ductless mini split heat pump to save money and stay comfortable.

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