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Energy Efficient Boiler Control

The cost of heating a home each winter can be expensive, especially when energy prices continue to rise every year. That’s why advanced technology like energy efficient boiler control is so useful. This technology provides increased accuracy in your boiler, allowing it to use only as much fuel as is needed to heat your home to a comfortable temperature. With pinpoint accuracy, these devices can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

If you live in the MetroWest area and you’ve grown tired of your heating bills creeping higher and higher every month, call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today. One of our boiler efficiency experts will install and calibrate a boiler efficiency control system to keep your home comfortable while using only as much fuel as is necessary.

Weather Response Boiler Control

Often called weather responsive controls or outdoor reset control, boiler control technology is designed to analyze and respond to the actual temperature outside instead of a preset capacity that is almost always too much.

Most homeowners have a boiler sized to keep their home comfortable on the coldest days of winter. So, if your installation tech sized your home for maximum heat loss of 100,000 Btu/h on especially cold winter nights, your boiler, when turned on, has enough power to replace that much heat in your home.

But extreme temperatures are called extreme for a reason – they’re the exception, not the rule. Even in the heart of winter, sub–freezing temperatures are not guaranteed every day. So, your boiler is too powerful, meaning it turns on for short periods, reaches the thermostat setting and then turns off.

This is called short cycling and it tends to waste more fuel and put more stress on your boiler, leading to more frequent repairs and eventually earlier than necessary replacement.

Boiler Efficiency

This isn’t a new problem, but technology only recently advanced to where we can now solve it. With energy efficient boiler controls, your heating system will use a computer chip to measure the outdoor temperature and balance the boiler’s operation.

So, if the temperature outside is 45 degrees F, your boiler won’t crank up to maximum to replace 100,000 Btu/h in heat loss. To make it even more accurate, most boiler control systems have indoor sensors to detect additional heat gained through east and west facing windows, fireplaces, extra people in the home or other heat sources.

As a result, the average home can save anywhere from 15–30% on its annual heating bill. Also, because your boiler will run at a lower temperature for longer, maintaining a consistent level of heating for your home, less stress is placed on the system. Instead of turning on and off constantly (which wears on the system), it runs in much longer intervals. Your boiler will last longer, with less frequent repair needs.

To put it simply, energy efficient boiler controls will help you and your family stay more comfortable, spend less on your heating bill and enjoy your boiler for longer. And if you live in the Metro West Boston area, Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC has the experience and tools needed to install, calibrate and maintain such a system for you. Call us today to learn more about energy efficient boiler control technology.