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Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump systems are fantastic solutions for families that want to reduce their energy use and take advantage of steady, reliable heating and cooling all year. While most people think of heat pumps as devices that provide only heat, they are actually more commonly used for cooling. Your refrigerator has a heat pump in it. So does your freezer.

The technology works by using a condenser and compressor to draw heat from one air supply, then transferring it to another. This heat exchange can occur in almost any temperature because no matter how cold the air gets, there is always at least some energy in it. Even temperatures just above freezing can be used to heat your home with a heat pump.

But, because a heat pump is used almost year–round, problems can occur. If you notice a problem with your heat pump system or even suspect repairs may be necessary, call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today. Our MetroWest area heat pump repair technicians will work closely with you to check and determine what the problem is and then fix it fast.

Heat Pump Problems

Most homeowners don’t realize there is a problem until it’s too late. The heat pump stops working completely or it doesn’t work for both heating and cooling. Not only does waiting so long put your family at a terrible inconvenience; it heightens the likelihood that your heat pump will need replacement sooner.

To avoid this, keep a close eye out for common warning signs. The most common is when the heat pump simply stops putting out enough warm or cool air to keep your family comfortable. If your home doesn’t heat fully or if you notice it simply doesn’t draw enough air into the house, there is likely a problem. Sometimes, one or two rooms may have a problem while the rest of the house is perfectly comfortable. This is often a symptom that your ductwork needs repair, rather than your heat pump.

Sometimes when there’s a problem, the heat pump will continue working at full capacity for months. However, on your energy bill, you’ll notice a sharp increase. If that happens, you need to act fast. The cost of energy being what it is, you don’t want to pay extra for your comfort system and there is probably something wrong with your heat pump causing the increase.

Heat Pump Repair Experts

When the time comes to have your heat pump repaired, keep a close log of what problems you’ve noticed. Sometimes these problems are small and may not indicate a major breakdown. The filters might need replacement or your ducts might need to be cleaned. There is no reason to panic, though a technician should be called to perform this work.

However, when major drops in efficiency or capacity occur, call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC right away. Our Metro West Boston area heat pump technicians don’t want to see any home in the region go without heating or cooling when the weather gets extreme and if you don’t act quickly, that is exactly what might happen.

Our team of trained technicians will not only inspect your heat pump; we’ll perform a full diagnostic assessment to check for potential long–term problems and then develop a maintenance schedule so such issues don’t occur in the future. Don’t just call to get your system back online – call to ensure it continues working as intended for years to come, keeping you and your family comfortable.