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Energy Recovery Ventilators by Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC

One of the greatest challenges that homeowners may face is keeping their homes comfortable throughout the year while also maintaining great indoor air quality. Our idea of making our homes more efficient is often to seal them up as tightly as possible. This can prove problematic, however, as doing so can make it virtually impossible to keep your home adequately ventilated.

You can bridge the gap between efficiency and great indoor air quality by scheduling professional energy recovery ventilator services with a member of our staff. If you decide that an ERV is the right option for you, then let us know so that we can go about installing and servicing the system properly. Count on Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC to help you receive the most from your ERV in Littleton, MA.

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What Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

An energy recovery ventilator is a mechanical ventilation device. Installed into your HVAC system, an ERV is used to pre-condition fresh air coming into the home while venting out the old, stale air. By using the temperature of the outgoing air in order to prep the incoming air, you can help to reduce the amount of energy you use when heating and cooling your home, even as you maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

For instance, during the winter, you will find that the heated air in your home reaches a point where its quality drops, and you want to freshen things up a bit. What you don’t want to do, though, is to open up your windows and allow the energy that you’ve used to heat that air to go to waste. By bringing fresh, cold air into your home, but warming it first with the hot, stale air exiting your home, the ERV helps you enjoy the full benefits of ventilation without the energy waste you’d otherwise risk.

During the summer, the dry but cool air leaving your home can pre-chill the fresh, but hot, air coming in. An ERV even allows for the transfer of humidity as needed, meaning that you can also balance the humidity levels between the two airstreams as they pass by. Start living with the comfort and great air quality you deserve by scheduling your energy recovery ventilator services with us.

Benefits of an ERV System

ERV systems can help you to live in greater comfort by keeping the air in your home fresh. This is a great benefit in and of itself. However, its methods of preconditioning incoming air have even more advantages to offer. This mode of operation can help to reduce energy loss in your home, allowing for great efficiency levels when heating and cooling your living space.

It also takes some of the strain off your HVAC system, potentially saving it from excessive wear and tear that may otherwise develop. If you are serious about taking advantage of the multiple benefits of an ERV system, schedule service with the professional technicians on our staff.

Schedule a Professional ERV Installation

When you invest in any piece of indoor air quality or HVAC equipment, it only makes sense to take the steps needed in order to ensure that you get the best performance the equipment has to offer. With an ERV, that includes scheduling a professional installation. Only then can you get your system off on the right foot. That is why you should contact Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today to schedule your energy recovery ventilator installation.

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