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Laundry Pump Services in Littleton, MA

Do you know what happens to the water used inside your washing machine? The machine fills up at the start of the wash cycle, the clothes soak in the soapy water and eventually the water is drained out of the machine—but where does it go?

Because it is what is called “greywater” – meaning it is dirty but does not contain any human waste – it empties into the waste disposal system. In many cases, it drains on its own with the help of gravity. In some installations, however, gravity alone can’t do the trick, often because of the location of the washing machine or just its position relative to the waste line. For these situations, the solution is a laundry pump, which the professionals from Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC regularly install in homes in the MetroWest area.

Laundry Pump System Operation

Laundry pumps can work in a few different ways. In some installations, the washing machine drains into a nearby sink. In others, the gray water is drained into a tub, where a pump then sends it into the waste water line.

Pumps can either be automatic or manual. With an automatic pump, it will switch on when needed to drain the gray water away, usually by having some sort of float within the tub to sense the water level. Once the water reaches a high enough level in the tub – usually the end of a whole wash cycle – the float activates the pump, which whisks the water out of the tub.

The less sophisticated option is to have the pump controlled by a wall switch, which is operated manually when you see the tub has filled up. Both of these systems work equally well, although obviously the manual switch option requires more attention and effort on the part of the homeowner. A professional can help you choose the best type of laundry pump system for your home, as well as have it installed quickly.

Laundry Pump Repair

No system is perfect, especially when it involves things like switches and moving parts. Laundry pumps are not immune to issues. Some common problems homeowners encounter include a defective float or manual switch, leaking or obstructed drain pipe or a jammed motor.

A skilled professional can easily repair these types of problems, so they don’t caused prolonged disruptions to your daily life. You should get your laundry pump checked out immediately the moment you notice any problems draining water from your washing machine. Immediate attention will prevent these routine problems from turning into bigger issues, like clogged pipes, flooding or risk of electrocution.

Prompt attention to minor problems will also help prevent replacing your laundry pump before you get full use out of it.

Laundry Pump Experts

If you are having a new washing machine installed, or just considering moving your laundry setup to a new location inside your home, consult with a professional first regarding your drainage needs. It’s possible that gravity alone will be enough to drain the waste water from your washing machine, but you would hate to find out if that’s not the case after you’ve already completed your new laundry room setup.

When you schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers, you can rest assured that your laundry pump and any other washing machine related plumbing equipment will be installed the right way quickly. For speedy and professional laundry pump service, call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC, the company more Metro West Boston area homeowners trust for all of their plumbing needs.