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Indirect Fired Water Heaters

There are a number of different types of water heaters on the market today, so it is hard for homeowners to know for sure what type of system is best for your house. For those in need of a new system who also happen to use a boiler for home heat, an indirect fired water heater may be the best solution.

Indirect fired water heaters are unique in that they don’t require their own heating source. Instead, they use the boiler you already have to heat water before use. This reduces both heat loss and your energy bills dramatically and is a major reason why Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC highly recommends these systems to our MetroWest area customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how indirect fired water heaters operate and the benefits they can bring to your home, call us today and talk to one of our boiler and water heater specialists.

Indirect Fired Water Heating

Traditional water heating technology requires a storage tank and a direct heating source. Either gas or electric, tank water heaters store gallons of water at a predetermined temperature until you need it. This is useful if you use a lot of hot water and need it available on demand throughout the day, but these types of systems generally waste a lot of energy by storing hot water in the tank even when no one is home and maintaining its temperature.

Direct fired water heaters also suffer high flue losses compared to indirect fired devices. This is because of the need for an extra pilot light and constant need for heating energy in the water heater. An indirect model, especially in the winter when your boiler is already active, is a much better solution because it reduces the amount of energy loss that would otherwise normally drive up your bills.

Indirect Fired Water Heater Installation

There are a number of indirect fired water heaters currently on the market, ranging from simple tank models that provide standard storage with indirect heating to more advanced tankless models that provide hot water on demand with the use of your boiler.

The model you choose will depend on the amount of hot water your family uses on a regular basis and your current budget. Call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today to learn more about indirect water heating, discuss your options and learn why we are the company more residents of the Metro West Boston area now trust with their water heater needs.