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Could Professional Duct Cleaning Really Help Your Home?

Monday, January 30th, 2017

duct-cleaning-brushChanging the air filter in your heating and air conditioning systems is not enough to make the air clean. Many homeowners who notice problems with their indoor air quality need separate air filtration and air purification systems to control allergies and asthma. But in some homes, dirty ducts contribute to the problem, and an air filtration system cannot do much to help.

If this is true for your home, professional duct cleaning is the best path to travel. Not sure if it’s worth it? Read on to find out how professional duct cleaning may help you, and call our experts for more information.

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How Dirty Ducts Can Raise Your Bills

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Over time, the insides of your ducts are bound to get dusty. Sometimes, this dust is relatively harmless, while eventually all of the buildup can threaten your health. That’s when a lot of people decide it’s time to schedule professional duct cleaning services. But did you know that this service is also important for those hoping to save on annual heating and cooling costs?

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