Gas Piping


Schedule your gas piping services with Basnett Plumbing, Heating, AC & Electrical to convert your heating system to natural gas or propane—often less expensive and far cleaner than traditional heating oil.

Whether you need brand new gas piping or want to extend existing gas piping to new appliances, count on Basnett to help you with the job. With gas piping, you need to know for certain the work is done properly the first time, every time, every step of the way. Nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of your family.

For over 35 years, our family-owned business has proudly served homes in the Littleton, MA area. Let us handle all of your plumbing services. Our expert team has the knowledge and expertise to properly install, repair, and maintain your gas piping.

New Gas Line Installation

Installing the necessary gas piping is a complex process that requires tapping into your city’s natural gas distribution system, as well as the installation of new gas pipes that lead to your home and throughout it. We can ensure your gas piping installation is a smooth, quick process to minimize any disruption in your home.

Gas Leaks Demand Immediate Repairs

When a gas leak occurs, there is no time to waste. You need prompt and immediate service to identify and repair the leak before it puts anyone in your home at risk.

At Basnett, we use cutting-edge technology to quickly identify the source of a gas leak and then repair it for lasting results. We follow up by checking the rest of your gas piping to ensure nothing else is leaking—and that the pipes are in good shape to maintain a safe supply to your home.

Gas Piping Maintenance

If you live in an old Massachusetts home or simply have not had your gas piping checked in a long time, it is important to schedule regular routine maintenance to check for potential leaks, degrading pipes, or environmental factors that could put your gas supply and safety at risk. Call our expert team today to schedule a visit.

Appliance Installations and Remodels

When installing new appliances or remodeling your home in the MetroWest Boston area, gas piping may be needed to extend into the new space you created. We will lay the groundwork of your gas piping system and ensure it is carefully monitored for safe, efficient gas delivery.

We provide a variety of appliance installations as well, including new stoves, boilers, heater vents, furnaces, and radiators. Our professionals carefully perform comprehensive pressure and leak tests to ensure your gas piping will hold up without any issues for years to come. If we notice any problems, we will let you know immediately and take the necessary steps to fix them.

We Are Your Gas Piping Experts in Littleton, MA

Gas piping can have a tremendous, positive impact on your home, but it is also a very serious part of your home’s design. Without careful attention to installation and the quality of piping used, you risk much more than a higher heating bill. Let Basnett Plumbing, Heating, AC & Electrical here in Littleton, MA, provide the outstanding service you need to ensure your new gas system is safe and reliable. Call 978-431-2906 or request service online today.

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Gas Pipe Replacement in Acton, MA 01720

“Jon K led the team and replaced my gas pipes in the house. They showed up punctually and demonstrated great craftsmanship. The pipe runs through places that are really hard to reach, he managed to connect and replace them neatly. During the work, he patiently explains the next steps. When he is done, everything is clean and tidy. Great work. Highly recommended.

This is my 2nd project with Basnett, the first project, replacing the hot-water tank, also went extremely well. I would recommend Basnett to anyone who asks.”
- sean m.