The Unico System

The Unico System.

Whether the installation is a retrofit of an existing home, historic preservation, new custom home, commercial application or a unique solution, The Unico System delivers superior indoor comfort while preserving the architectural integrity of the structure.

Air Handlers

Vertical air handler with chilled water.

At the heart of the Unico System is our M Series Air Handler, which is made up of the blower housing module and the fan coil module. They can be configured horizontally or vertically to ensure they will fit wherever they are used. The air handler can easily be installed above ceilings or in crawl-spaces, closets, basements, or the attic.

The modular layout of our air handler lets you choose the right options for your project. Modules can be combined as heating only, cooling only, or a heating and cooling fan coil unit.

Each air handler accommodates a blower module, which adjusts proper airflow and can be used as ventilation only. You can also select a standard refrigerant based heat pump (will heat and cool) coil, a refrigerant based cooling only coil, chilled water coil, hot water coil or electric based heating module.

The Unico air handler provides a variety of options to improve the outcome of your system, including a return air box, drip pan, humidifier, and air filter. To protect your home, we also offer high filtration and venting systems, for fresher, cleaner air, and UV light options to kill bacteria.

So that you will achieve the best performance possible for your home or building, The Unico System is available in five sizes. This includes the blower and coil. Our air handler is available in two models - standard and our E.C. Air Handler, which features the S.MA.R.T Control Board and a more efficient electronically commutated (E.C.) motor.


We have taken our traditional air handler that for decades has enjoyed success in countless applications and made it a more intelligent, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly unit. Features of new Air Handler such as the SCB (S.M.A.R.T. Control Board) and the new E.C. (Electronically Commutated) motor give us a Small-Duct High-Velocity air delivery system superior to any other in the industry. Our objective was to significantly improve the motor performance by incorporating E.C. motor technology managed by our enhanced software application within the S.M.A.R.T. (Software Managed Air Rate Technology) Control Board-all while keeping the modular design of our air handler intact.

E.C. Air Handler

The ability to precisely manage airflow in a variety of operating modes is key to maximizing comfort. The new Unico System E.C. air handlers, combined with the new S.M.A.R.T. Control Board and the new E.C. motor, will provide just the perfect amount of airflow whether cooling, heating or simply circulating air.

The Unico System E.C. Provides:

  • Greater comfort in heating, cooling and circulation modes
  • Availability in both 120v and 240v
  • Perfect solution for multiple zoning capabilities without by-pass dampers
  • Greater efficiencies when paired with 2 stage condensers

E.C. (Electronically Commutated) Motor

The E.C. motor is the heart of the our new air handler series. The variable-speed fan motor adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of comfortable conditioned air with quiet operation. It features advanced design characteristics for maximum efficiency, comfort, and reliability.

Key Features of the E.C. Motor:

  • At low speeds the new E.C. motor is up to two decibels quieter
  • The new E.C. motor is 17% more energy efficient at full speed and 30 % more efficient at low speed than our current PSC motor
  • Can be used to upgrade existing air handlers manufactured after 2003

S.M.A.R.T. Control Board (SCB)

The S.M.A.R.T. Control Board is the brains of the new air handler series. Combined with the E.C. motor, it provides the highest level of indoor comfort that a consumer demands.

Features of the S.C.B:

  • The ability to manage both airflow and motor speed according to the needs of the thermostat and or zoning needs
  • Two options to set airflow
  • Diagnostic feedback
  • An enhanced soft start and soft stop

Precise Airflow Control

With the new E.C. motor and S.C.B you have a high performance air distribution system that is a step above the SDHV industry standard. Our advanced software gives you unrivaled control of the E.C. motor, resulting in a constant CFM across a wide range of operating conditions. When compared to the industry, most E.C. motors are factory programmed for specific airflow and do not allow changes which limits your ability to provide a customized heating and cooling solution.

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Electric Duct Furnace

Unico's Electric Furnace is quiet, and replaces natural gas furnaces - all while providing comfortable, controlled heat throughout your home or building.

Electric duct furnace.

Features & Benefits

  • Mounts directly to Unico System air handler
  • Enclosed cabinet of galvanized, insulated sheet metal
  • Magnetic de-energizing contactors for each element
  • Line level auto limit primary safety set at 165°F (74°C)
  • Line level fuse link back-up safety
  • Fan interlock control and fan signal air proving switch
  • Circuit breaker on single-phase units
  • Time delay sequencers for a gradual power draw (soft start)
  • Low voltage terminal strip (24 volt control)
  • Specially-designed tight cabinet
  • Provides comfortable heat
  • Can be used as primary or auxiliary heat source
  • Quiet
  • Replaces natural gas furnaces

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The plenum, or main trunk line is what our supply duct tubing is fed from. There are three options available which include round metal pipe, square fiberglass plenum or rectangular plenum.

The plenum, or trunk line, is what comes directly off of the air handler and is what the supply tubes connect to. Plenum can be used in several different ways. In most installations, round metal plenum is used in 7", 9" or 10 " diameters, depending on the size of the system. This is then wrapped in an insulation sleeve to prevent thermal loss and most importantly to stop condensation.

Unico, Inc. also manufactures our own plenum. This is a fiberglass square plenum that features ship lap connections, making installation a breeze. We manufacture the plenum in 6' sections available in 6.5", 8.5" and 9.5" square dimensions, depending on system size. In addition to the 6' straight sections, we also offer a full range of components that includes elbows, tees, reducers and end caps.

A lesser used option is to use rectangular plenum. This option is typically done in installations where their is no room for round or fiberglass plenum and the installing contractor needs to make their own plenum.

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Supply Tubing

The ductwork of the Unico System is so small and flexible that it fits right into existing home constructions, weaving through ceilings, walls, and floors.

The Unico System supply tubes are available in either 2 and 2.5" I.D. (inside diameter). They are often referred to as Sound Attenuator due to the sound deadening properties of the duct. The tubes core is made with nylon, which is then wrapped with insulation and finally wrapped with an outer vapor barrier to stop moisture and also to reduce thermal losses.

Standard 2" Duct

  • Our standard duct can deliver up to 40 CFM
  • Full range of round and slotted outlets which are available in a variety of finishes
  • Outlets can also be painted to match any color
  • Recommended to use 8 outlets per nominal ton to keep noise levels very quiet

2.5" Duct

  • 2.5" tubing paired with a new threaded outlet
  • The 2.5" tubing can deliver up to 50 CFM
  • Full range of round outlets available
  • Has the same sound level as a 2" outlet but more airflow
  • If you have normal duct lengths and can maintain the same static pressure, you can reduce the number of outlets and save on installation time
  • Because of greater airflow capabilities, the 2.5" tubing and outlet are ideal for high altitude installations

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Unico Outlets

The Unico System Supply Outlets are used to anchor the Supply Duct to the ceiling, floor, or wall and provide quiet delivery of high velocity air to the conditioned space. Unico round outlets come in both 2" and 2.5" and are available in a variety of colors and materials. The standard Supply Outlet comes in white plastic which can also be painted to match interior décor.

The outlets also come in slotted (1/2"x8") as well which are available in all colors and materials that the round outlets feature.

Unico outlet.

The wood outlet is identical to the standard outlet except for the unfinished solid wood face.

All outlets can be painted or stained to match your existing ceiling, floor, or wall. They are also available in black, brass, and chrome for virtually all interior décors.

Rounded Outlet Gallery