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Sparkling fresh, clean water—think of the vital role it plays in your everyday health and happiness.

At Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC, we understand the importance of properly maintaining the plumbing system in your Massachusetts home. Whether you need help with a remodeling project or an untimely repair, our highly experienced and trained team of licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers can help you with any type of residential plumbing job.

Since 1987, our family-owned company has proudly served customers in Westford, MA and surrounding MetroWest area. We employ registered Master Plumbers who can answer your plumbing questions and offer the best solutions to any type of plumbing problem. Whether you need us to fix a leaky pipe or install a new sink, your team at Basnett is here to help.

Plumbing Installation

Did you know many homes built before 1970 have outdated galvanized steel and iron pipes that are vulnerable to decay and corrosion? This can negatively affect your health as well as cause maintenance issues down the road.

It can be easy to overlook your plumbing system, as most of the piping is hidden from sight. Call us to inspect your plumbing system and help you determine if those aging pipes need to be replaced and upgraded with newer material, such as copper or plastic (PEX, CPVC).

Plumbing Repairs

A leaky faucet or clogged drain can be inconvenient and costly. If you suspect there is a plumbing issue in your home, call us immediately. We offer emergency repair services and will always tell you what the job entails before starting any work.

Video pipe inspection technology allows us to quickly pinpoint plumbing problems without creating a mess in your home. We also offer pipe lining services as an effective and convenient alternative to replacing a damaged pipe.

Plumbing Maintenance

Always maintain your plumbing system to get the most efficiency and service life out of it. Our Ultimate Service Agreements offer different levels of maintenance preventative plans to offset the cost of repairs, inspections, tune-ups, and other services.

Sump Pumps

Does water accumulate in your basement? If so, consider installing a sump pump. Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC offers several terrific products to help keep your basement dry. We have the equipment and expertise to expertly install a sump pump in your basement.

If you currently have a sump pump, and it is not performing consistently or acting strangely, our plumbers can fix it. We work with all makes and models.

Gas Piping

Whenever we install a new appliance in a home, we always conduct comprehensive pressure and leak tests to ensure your gas piping will hold up for years to come. If there is a problem, we will address it immediately.

If you live in an older home and have not had your gas piping inspected in a long time, call us for a routine checkup to help target possible leaks or other issues.

Sewage Ejector Pump

If you have a bathroom located lower than your connection to your sewer line or septic system, then chances are you have a sewage ejector pump installed in your home. Installing or replacing your sewage job is not a job the average homeowner should attempt to tackle. It can get messy pretty fast if something goes wrong.

Your plumbing team at Basnett knows how to install, repair, and maintain your sewage ejector pump. We are fully versed in all local plumbing codes and requirements in the MetroWest Boston area.

Leak Detection

Our team has the experience and state-of-the-art technology to quickly pinpoint a leak in your home without creating a mess. Keep your home safe and dry—call us right away if you suspect there is a leak in your system.

Drain Services

A clogged drain can negatively impact the other parts of your plumbing. If you notice a slow drain, try plunging it first. If that fails, call us right away and allow one of our plumbing professionals to help clear it.

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Keep your plumbing system operating at peak efficiency. Call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC at 978-431-2906 or request service online. Our team has the experience and equipment to get the job done right here in Westford, MA.

Plumbing Replacement in Lincoln, MA 01773

“Exposed cold water piping in the cellar was periodically springing pin hole corrosion leaks due to age (approx. 80 years old). Wayne and Dan spent an entire day removing and replacing the existing piping with new copper, per our request, as well as replacing deteriorated shut off valves with new ball valves. They also installed an automatic shutoff valve by the water meter, as part of a leak detection safety system. They kept the work area clean and dry throughout the workday and didn't rush the job, even though it was a Friday before a holiday weekend. We now have confidence that the leaks in the cellar have been resolved. Thank you for the first rate results and peace of mind!”
- Chris S.

Plumbing Repair in Stow, MA 01775

“Wayne did excellent work fixing multiple problems in the same visit. He explained the issues and the solutions well. I was very happy with his service.”

- Greg B.

Plumbing Installation in Ayer, MA 01432

“Only issue was rust in the pipes, but he did come back and blow out faucets. Outstanding service”

- Jeff L.

Plumbing Repair in Carlisle, MA 01741

“Leonel did a great job! He was professional and was able to quickly figure out the cause of the leak.”

- Matthew K.

Plumbing Maintenance in Littleton, MA 01460

“Phinias arrived in a timely way, quickly diagnosed our problem, and outlined the possible courses of action. I especially appreciated that he was very clear that though a simple, straightforward fix was likely it depended on the condition of the damaged materials and that despite his best efforts a more complex resolution may be necessary. Happily the easy fix worked and Phinias resolved our issue quickly and professionally. Great job!”

- Michael L.

Plumbing Replacement in Acton, MA 01720

“Wayne was very knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. He replaced our kitchen sink effluent plumbing, including garbage disposal…excellent quality job. He's welcome back for any future work that might arise.”

- Michael A.

Plumbing Installation in Acton, MA 01720

“Phinias did a great job. I was very pleased with his professionalism and the quality of service I received. Thank you for excellent work! The water line installation allowed me to receive ice from my refrigerator 🧊”

- Jennifer D.

Plumbing Repair in Lunenburg, MA 01462

“They did an excellent job. Wayne was very knowledgeable and very friendly. He had a solution to every situation that came his way. His assistant that day was a great help and they worked great together. I was impressed the estimate was done quickly. We made an appointment and we stuck to it. Communication with text and emails was excellent for me. Highly recommended!”

- Rodney A.

Plumbing Replacement in Ayer, MA 01432

“Wayne was great… very personable, polite and knowledgeable! We will definitely look to Basnett Plumbing for any future needs!”

- Karen G.

Plumbing Maintenance in Concord, MA 01742

“Leo calmly knowledgeable and professionally sorted out the job! Happy with my new faucet!”

- Sean H.

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