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Boiler Replacement Rebates Extended!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Is your boiler 30 years old or older? The NSTAR and National Grid are offering generous rebates to residential customers to replace their boilers. This program has been extended to September 30th, 2012. Customer services by providers other than NSTAR and National Grid should contact those utility providers for similar rebates.

Rebates | Littleton | Basnett Plumbing & Heating Do you qualify?

  • Residence must be located in Massachusetts
  • Customer must have NSTAR or National Grid as their electric and/or natural gas service provider
  • Municipal Electric customer must heat with natural gas provided by NSTAR or National Grid
  • Residence must have natural gas, oil or propane heating

Call Basnett Plumbing & Heating today to find out if your home qualifies for a rebate to replace your boiler. These rebates are very generous but are only available through September of 2012. Basnett provides top quality plumbing, heating, boiler, air conditioning and water heater services in Littleton and the MetroWest area.

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When Was the Last Time You Had Your Heating System Serviced?

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Furnace Service | Littleton | Basnett PlumbingMost household furnaces in Massachusetts use about 2,500 heating load hours per year. To put that in context, if your furnace were a car you would have driven 69,000 mile. Most automakers recommend changing your oil every 7,000 miles and getting a tune-up every 30,000. Have you have your furnace serviced lately? If you neglect to schedule preventative maintenance checks for your heating system it will eventually begin to run less efficiently, small problems left unchecked can over time cause damage to the system. An inefficient furnace will also cause you energy bills to rise.

Call Basnett today to find out more about our service and maintenance agreements. You will save big on service and repair, receive discounts, and benefit from guaranteed priority scheduling. You take care of your care, why not take care of your furnace! Basnett proudly provides top quality plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services to the Metrowest area.

If you would like to check how far you have “driven” your furnace without a service visit download this fun excel document and follow the directions.



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