How We Clean Your Drains—And Why You Want Us To

Diagram of a hydro jetting cleaning a pipe

Drain cleaning is a term that often gets lumped together with the so-called “drain cleaners” people can purchase off store shelves. We wish this connection didn’t exist! Pouring these acidic chemicals down drains can do more harm than good, and they’re highly toxic. They certainly don’t “clean” drains, but instead only chew through obstructions just enough to allow water to flow through.

Genuine professional drain cleaning is actual drain cleaning. Our plumbers use special tools to do the job so that the interiors of your drain pipes are scoured clean of debris like food deposits, fat and grease buildup, soap scum, and mineral deposits.

Here’s How We Do It

Professional drain cleaning combines a number of different tools, and you can rely on us to use the best set necessary to complete the job your drainpipes need.

One of the basic tools of drain cleaning and drain unclogging is the motorized drain auger, more vividly known as a drain snake. You’ve probably seen store-bought hand-cranked versions before, and may well have used them: a coil of wires goes down the drain and rotates to drill into and break apart clogs. There’s nothing wrong with using a handcranked drain auger on your own for clogs—we’d much rather you do that than use chemical cleaners! But the professional motorized drain auger can tackle big jobs that clear out clogs and help keep them away.

The most powerful drain cleaning tool at our disposal is the hydro-jetter. Hydro-jetting is a thorough method of scouring the inside of drains to remove almost all debris and build up—without having to use any chemical stronger than water! A hydro-jetter consists of a long hose that goes down the drains or a clean-out, and which is attached to a supply of water kept under extremely high pressure. The plumber sends this high-pressure water through the hose, where it blasts out through a directional nozzle that can spray water streams both forward and backward. The force of the water can dislodge just about any type of debris. It’s thorough, leaving the drainpipe in a “like new” condition that makes it harder for any debris to start to develop again.

Why You Want Professionals

As you made have guessed from above, a professional drain cleaning job is a long-term solution rather than a quick way to get water going down a shower drain of kitchen sink once more. Not only will our professional plumbers see you have a thorough job for trouble-free drains, they’ll do it in a way that won’t create any damage to the piping.

Even if you can manage a clog with a plunger or hand-cranked drain auger, you should call us for drain cleaning in Concord, MA if you’re running into the troubles too frequently. We can provide you with the services that will make slow drains and clogs a distant memory. We recommend scheduling drain cleaning as an annual preventive service—which will help give your pipes a longer life as well.

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