Leaks, Leaks Everywhere—What’s the Best Solution?

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You’ve got a leaky house. Leaks are springing up in pipes everywhere, and it seems as if a new one pops up—or maybe two new ones—only days after you got the last one fixed. What can you do? Aside from move into a new house? (But good luck trying to sell a home with massive water leaking problems!)

The best path forward is to ask a professional plumber in Carlisle, MA for advice. You’ll find out why your home has such a leaking problem and the best method to fix it. Leaking pipes and other fixtures in a house not only waste water, they inflict huge amounts of property damage and give mold and mildew a chance to spread. Leaks spell bad news all around—especially when those leaks are all around.

You May Have High Water Pressure

One possible reason for all the leaks plaguing your home is a spike in the water pressure. This may be an issue coming from the municipal plumbing system, and in this case, the solution is to ask a professional plumber to install a pressure regulator for the house. If you are also hearing water hammer along with the leaking trouble (a sharp, often surprising clanging sound from the pipes), it’s another sign of high water pressure.

Hard water deposits inside the pipes are another source of increased water pressure. The mineral build-up from hard water reduces the volume inside pipes and raises the pressure. We recommend installing a water softener and having a plumber replace affected pipes and clean out the accumulated scale.

Ancient or Damaged Pipes

How old is your home? The older a house, the more outdated the plumbing material in it is likely to be. For example, before 1970 the most common type of metal used for residential plumbing was galvanized steel (steel dipped in a zinc solution to ward off corrosion). These pipes start to deteriorate after 40 to 50 years, and we strongly urge replacing them—especially if they’re causing continual problems with leaks.

But even more modern piping material may decay over time. Copper pipes can succumb to a type of corrosion caused by high levels of formaldehyde in the air—and this chemical is common in homes. Polybutylene plastic pipes, installed until the 1990s, are also prone to cracking. When leaks are a major trouble, have plumbers investigate the plumbing system to see if you’ll benefit from a partial or whole-house repiping.

Trust Us to Fix Your Leaky House

Our plumbers work with all types of residential piping services. We can fix up small, local leaks; update parts of the piping that are falling apart; or perform a whole-house repiping to get your vintage home’s plumbing up to date. But if you only need a pressure regulator or removal of hard water scale, we’ll take care of that as well. We’re experienced and equipped for leak detection, and that includes finding those insidious slab leaks.

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