It’s Time to Service Your Sump Pump

Overhead view of a sump pump, Sump Pump Services

The sump pump is one of those devices in your home that you hope you don’t have to use. It’s an emergency appliance to handle flooding or excess water getting into your basement. But, like any preventive device, you must make sure it’s in working shape year after year. You don’t want it to fail the first time you actually need it!

Spring is about to begin, and this is one of the periods when you may need the services of your sump pump. There is the issue of snowmelt and more rain. The ground around your house will absorb more water, and this can lead to water seeping into the basement through the walls. If your sump pump is working correctly, it will remove the excessive moisture and stop extreme water damage from flooding.

How do you tell if your sump pump is ready to go to work?

You Can Make a Basic Test Yourself

It’s not difficult to test if your sump pump is working. First, plug it in if it isn’t. Turn on the motor to see if it runs, but don’t let it run for long if there’s no water in the pit, as this can cause the motor to overheat.

Next, look in the sump (the actual pit where the water collects so the pump can remove it) and see if there is any debris down inside it. Clean out the sump pit as much as you can.

Now, pour a bucket of water slowly into the sump. As the float in the sump rises, it should cause the pump’s motor to start working. Continue to pour the rest of the water into the sump. Then wait to see if the pump effectively removes all the water from the sump and pumps it out. You’ll have a good idea if the sump pump is ready to go after this.

If you have a back-up sump pump that runs on batteries in case of a power outage (always a strong possibility during a storm), check it as well and change the batteries if it won’t turn on.

If Anything Is Wrong, Call for Sump Pump Services

If the sump pump won’t turn on, check to see if there is anything blocking the main pipe or the intakes. If it’s clear, there may be something broken in the sump pump. You don’t want to try to repair this yourself, since a sump pump is a complex and powerful device. Call for plumbing in Carlisle, MA and let a licensed plumber check on it.

If the sump pump can’t be repaired, or if it’s become old enough that it’s no longer reliable, then you may need to have a new sump pump installed. Make sure you have this scheduled as soon as you can so you aren’t caught by surprise with a busted sump pump. (If you don’t have a back-up sump pump, we recommend having one added as part of the new installation.)

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