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Furnace Maintenance in Littleton, MA

Your furnace is a major part of your home comfort system. Without it, your home couldn’t possible stay warm through the coldest of winter months. So, proper furnace maintenance is absolutely vital to keeping it running smoothly and efficiently year–round.

If you just moved into a new home or you’re ready to get an old furnace back on track with regular maintenance, give Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC a call. Our MetroWest area furnace technicians regularly work with local homeowners to keep their furnaces up and running year–round. That means annual maintenance, completing minor repairs, and replacing parts when needed.

Home Furnace Maintenance

While regular maintenance by a trained technician is very important, there are some things you can do around your home to help. First, make sure you keep a close eye on the operation of your furnace. How efficiently is it heating your home? What do your energy bills look like? Does anything funny smelling or sounding occur in your furnace room? These are all signs that your furnace needs additional maintenance. Simply being vigilant will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Additionally, you should keep your furnace room nice and clean. Too often dust, water, or debris will build up around a furnace and cause problems with the exhaust fans and vents. Homeowners who keep the room clear and avoid excess build–up around the main fans not only avoid unnecessary breakdowns of their furnace, they help it last much longer.

Clean out the vents that you’re able to reach. While a trained technician should clean you ductwork every year with industrial strength equipment, you can help with weekly cleaning of reachable vents. A simple vacuum cleaner or duster used on your room vents and the main fan on your furnace will remove large debris and dust accumulations before they have a chance to build up. Give us a call to schedule you oil, electric or gas furnace maintenance in Littleton, MA today.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

While there are a lot of things you can do, eventually a professional is needed to take more direct action. Annual maintenance on your furnace depends partially on what type of furnace you have. For example, electric furnaces are less maintenance intensive because they don’t use combustible fuels. Newer electric models may need service once every 2–3 years instead of once per year. The cost of running one will often outweigh the benefit of fewer maintenance visits, but it’s a nice benefit.

For gas and oil furnaces, however, your service professional will need to check the flue and all vents, maintain the gas and oil lines, check for any parts that need replacement and do a workup of the furnace’s efficiency to make sure nothing has been compromised.

Because furnaces use a forced air system to transfer the heat to your home, the ductwork that transfers that heat must be serviced annually as well. Annual ductwork maintenance includes cleaning out the vents and ducts and making sure no breaks or tears have occurred between duct joints.

Whether you just had a new furnace installed and want to get on a regular maintenance plan, or you have decided it’s time to restart your existing maintenance plan, contact Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today and learn how our Metro West Boston area furnace maintenance technicians can help you keep that furnace running for years to come.