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Radiator Installation and Replacement

Until recently, radiators had always been large and clunky pieces of machinery. However, there are other types of radiators now available and some of them make radiant heat not only comfortable, but they do so without being as obtrusive as older systems.

The two most common types of modern radiators are baseboard heaters and radiant panels, both of which provide clean, comfortable radiant heat, without taking up a whole corner of the room. Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC has been installing and replacing these types of radiators throughout the MetroWest area for years, so you know you’re in good hands when you call us for radiator service.

Baseboard Radiator Installation

A baseboard heater is essentially what you would expect it to be, a long narrow unit that runs along the baseboards at the bottom of your walls. It radiates heat outward, heating the whole room. Because heat rises, baseboard radiators can heat larger spaces than you would expect from a heater that sits on the floor.

These heaters have grown in popularity, not only because they are so unobtrusive, but because the installation process is far less disruptive than the installation of other types of home heating systems. Other popular radiant heating products include cast iron radiators and towel warmers. We have installed and replaced these systems on many occasions for customers throughout the area. With conventional radiators or other heating systems, the installation process can take days or even weeks and requires all sorts of construction in various parts of the home. Baseboard heaters are simply placed along the wall in whatever room or rooms they are needed.

This makes them particularly good options if you are renovating and want to change your heating system easily, or if you are finishing a basement or garage to which you would like to add heat.

Radiant Panel Installation

Radiant panels are more complicated than baseboard heaters, but many people prefer them. Installing radiant panels involves snaking a series of pipes within a surface in your home. This is done most frequently in the floor, but radiant panels can be installed in walls and ceilings as well. Hot water runs through these pipes, radiating heat outward and heating the room. Essentially, it is similar to having a conventional radiator tucked away inside the structure of your house.

Because the installation process is significantly more involved and can be more expensive than baseboard heating, radiant panel installation often makes the most sense for those building a new home or doing major renovations, rather than just wanting to make a quick change in heating options.

Radiant Heating Options

Whichever radiant heating solution you decide is best for you, the professionals at Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC can handle the job. From a simple installation of baseboard heaters, to a complete whole house replacement of radiant panels, our experts know how to get the job done right and as quickly as possible. We have been providing radiator installation services in the Metro West Boston area years so you know you’re getting experienced professionals when you schedule service with us. Call us today to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.