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Unico High Velocity Systems

After a particularly cold winter or hot and sticky summer, it’s tempting to have your HVAC system upgraded. Because of existing construction, the age of your home, or simply because you like how it currently looks, the sheer volume of work and the amount of money required to retrofit your property with new ductwork could be quite high—but it doesn’t have to be.

Unico is revolutionizing the HVAC world with small–duct systems that allow even the least duct–friendly homes to have central air conditioning and forced air heating systems installed. Unico’s high velocity systems are among our most popular installation options among our MetroWest area customers. So, if you’re tired of window AC units and an aging boiler, call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today to learn more about how high velocity ductwork can bring central heating and air to your home without the need for any serious construction.

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How High Velocity HVAC Systems Work

Traditional ductwork is big and bulky and absolutely necessary to distribute cooled or heated air to the various rooms in many homes. Unfortunately, though, many older homes don’t have ductwork and are often too small to accommodate a retrofit. In other cases, adding on ductwork would be an expensive and large remodeling project that few could justify spending the money on.

Whatever the argument against traditional ductwork in your home, Unico’s high velocity system offers a fantastic and affordable alternative. Instead of large ducts that eat up a lot of a home’s space, Unico uses insulated, flexible ductwork that can be threaded between walls and ceiling panels, essentially allowing it to go anywhere in your home without heavy construction. A special modular air handler moves air through these ducts at a high velocity to each room in your home as needed.

Added Benefits of Unico High Velocity Ducts

While the primary benefit of a high velocity system from Unico is the fact that it can be installed in almost any home, there are many other benefits to consider. With smaller ductwork, you’ll never need to worry about drafts or room–to–room temperature variations as you might with a traditional duct system.

Additionally, during the summer, air is cooler upon discharge from your ductwork, keeping it drier and minimizing the impact of humidity on your home. Heated air also arrives warmer. You can choose between heating or cooling, or you can have both installed.

Unico Specialists

If you’re tired of moving that massive window AC unit in and out of your window every summer and you want a system that can heat or cool your entire home without expensive remodeling, call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC to learn more about Unico high velocity systems today. Our MetroWest Boston area HVAC experts will explain your options and help you to decide what the best solution is for your home.

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