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Hot Water Recirculation Systems in Littleton, MA

At one point or another, everyone has experienced a delay between when we turn on the hot water until the time hot water actually arrives at a fixtures. But what is the cause of this delay? This usually occurs because the water in your hot water tank has cooled, so it takes a moment for the water heater to get it warmed up again. Until recently this has just been one of the minor inconveniences we all deal with on an everyday basis.

Fortunately, modern technology has allowed for a solution – hot water recirculation systems. These systems can put an end to time spent waiting for showers to warm up. To learn more with a professional consultation on hot water recirculation system installation, call the MetroWest area hot water experts at Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC.

Hot Water Recirculators

A hot water recirculation system is a type of plumbing system that keeps water hot and circulating throughout the house at all times, without the need for a hot water tank. With no tank for the water to sit in, there’s no opportunity for the water to cool down. The result is water that is constantly hot, delivered to your fixtures whenever it’s needed.

How Hot Water Recirculation Works

Although there is no hot water tank, there is still a need for a water heater, often a boiler. A hot water recirculation system works by using a continuous loop of pipes that runs from the water heater, through the house to every fixture and back again. That water is warmed by the heater at one end, and then pumped through the house. Once the water has cooled at the end of its journey, it returns to the water heater to be heated once more.

Because the water circulating through the hot water line is constantly warm, as it makes its way through the system, you never have to wait for hot water to arrive at your sink, tub or shower. Some systems use a simple method of constantly returning water to the water heater when it reaches the end of the line, whereas some make use of timers or thermostats to determine when water needs to be reheated.

Both of these systems work just fine for heating your water and keeping it hot, but systems that use a thermostat or timer are frequently more energy efficient, since they avoid heating water unnecessarily. To avoid wasting energy, many homeowners choose to use one of these control devices to help keep their bills as low as possible.

Hot Water Recirculation System Installation

The easiest time to make the decision in favor of a hot water recirculation system is when building a new home, since you are installing a new plumbing system anyway.

However, you can add a hot water recirculation system on to an existing, traditional hot water tank system. The process involves removing the current hot water tank and installing some new pipes, but for the most part your existing water lines will still be used. If you live in a cold climate where your hot water cools more quickly, it’s a good option to consider, especially when combined with a thermostat to keep the system running efficiently. If it’s time for you to replace your hot water storage tank anyway, talk a professional our about hot water recirculation systems, and if one might be an option for your home.

For all manner of water heating expertise in the Metro West Boston area, including new recirculation systems, call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today. We’ve been installing and servicing hot water recirculation for years and we can help select the best system for your home and keep in running like new for many years to come.