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Plumbing Installation in Littleton, MA

How often do you think about the pipes that make up the plumbing system in your home? Not often, we’d bet. Most of the piping is hidden from sight, and this means that homeowners often overlook many necessary piping services. Unfortunately, this can mean big trouble down the road.

Schedule all of your home piping services in Littleton, MA, and the MetroWest Area with Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC. We can find hidden leaks, replace aging pipes, and even provide complete repiping services to upgrade your home with modern plumbing materials. We offer the best in plumbing technology and we employ Master Plumbers that can handle any job. Customer service is our #1 priority!

Trusted for Over 30 Years! Contact Basnett for the highest quality plumbing service.

Pipe Replacement and Repiping

While pipes are certainly durable, no pipe will last forever. Certain older piping materials are susceptible to decay and corrosion earlier than newer materials. That’s why copper and plastic (PEX, CPVC) piping have mostly replaced outdated galvanized steel and iron products. Your home may still have some of these older pipes in place, and we can take care of any necessary pipe replacements, either as a preventive measure or when you need repairs.

We also recommend that you consider full repiping if you live in a home built before 1970. Houses of this vintage may still have piping made from outdated metals, posing a risk of leaks and corrosion that can put toxins into your water supply. Our skilled and licensed plumbers will help to bring your plumbing system up to current standards with whole-house repiping.

We Can Fix Pipe Problems with Pipe Lining

A damaged pipe doesn’t always need to be replaced. We provide pipe lining services for convenient and effective repair work. With pipe lining, our plumbers pull a special lining into the damaged pipe. The lining is then sealed with epoxy along the interior. This completely seals up leaks within the pipe. This is a minimally intrusive way in which to resolve damage water mains.

We’ll Take Care of Your Piping in Littleton, MA

We are dedicated to using cutting edge plumbing technology for all jobs. We use video pipe inspection equipment to examine household pipes from the inside, cutting down on the time required to finish a job and eliminating the guesswork that can lead to needless damage to your house and property.

We’re proud to offer quality plumbing services to our Littleton, MA, customers. That quality is why homeowners throughout the area have trusted our plumbers since 1987. We’ll keep you informed about the work we need to do and what you can expect to pay before doing a job. Let Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC see to your piping needs.


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