Paul B.

Paul B.

Paul B.

Install Technician

Paul Bilodeau is one of the lead install technicians at Basnett Plumbing, Heating, and AC. Paul has background in plumbing, electrical, construction, automotive, HVAC, and service repair for appliances. His wide-range and advanced background has labeled him as a “jack of all trades.” When Paul is away from work, he loves to go fishing, boating, and to spend time with his family. Paul loves the hunt to try and solve a problem. He is motivated by creating a positive experience for his customers while providing a satisfactory work. Each job brings up a new problem to address and makes each day unique for him. Paul’s multi-faceted work experience and positive attitude is brought to each and every customer he has the opportunity to help.

Professional and Knowledgeable

Professional and knowledgeable… Paul Bilodeau patiently took the time to carry portable AC unit around the room so I could try it in different spaces. Then ended up asking to have it installed in the first option. Provided excellent education on changing filters and the use of the remote.

I booked an appointment with the company for a whole-house AC maintenance visit in April. Great experience!

– Eileen O.

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