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We feel very fortunate to have been referred to your company several years ago by a contractor friend. The philosophy of your firm has been reflected in all of our interactions with all of your staff (service technicians, equipment installers, the ladies in the office). Everyone is polite and listens to any concerns we may have. Questions are always answered to our satisfaction. Follow-up is excellent. We appreciate your honesty and integrity. Thank you all for your wonderful service. We highly recommend your company without reservation.

Bob & Sue

The natural gas log unit in our fireplace was not functioning as per the specifications. The logs were becoming heavily coated with soot and the flames were not directed properly. Wayne, assisted by Roland, provided excellent service in correcting these problems in a courteous and efficient manner. Their service typified that which we have received from Basnett over the past several years.

Customer - Acton, MA

Punctual, Reliable, Friendly. They communicate honestly and clearly. I always appreciate that after they provide a price they offer ways to save. We've been customers for 12 years.

Marc U

“We have been customers of Basnett Plumbing for over ten years. Prompt and outstanding service and workmanship is simply the standard we have come to expect from the team at Basnett.”

Customer, Westford, MA

Services went extremely well. The Technician, Wayne Lambert (assisted by Carl) arrived on time, explained what he was going to do, covered the various costs, including alternatives and recommended options, proceeded to perform the services expeditiously, provided recommendations for improved system performance, discussed various related items and answered all our questions completely, courteously and easy to understand. He took great care to be sure that we clearly understood what he was doing and what our options were. We were extremely pleased with all of his services and his excellent performance.

John D

Wayne is extremely professional, friendly and wonderful to deal with. Service was done quickly and efficiently, happy to recommend him and Basnett.

Matthew S

Upon first call to Basnett they stated they were backed up 2 weeks which made sense in the middle of a heat wave. Michelle asked if we were a service customer and we said no but they had replaced a warranty part the previous year for us. Michelle promptly stated she would see what she could do and called the next day with an appointment that coming Friday. We took it. Wayne Lambert arrived within the scheduled time, and within 20 minutes diagnosed the problem and shortly after we had our AC back up and working. He was thorough and professional. We signed a service agreement for all of our heating/AC/hot water systems that day feeling safe that we had a reliable, responsible and professional company to maintain our systems.

Customer – Acton, MA

Awesome service from Wayne! Answered all my questions, identified and fixed our plumbing problem quickly, and with a smile. Happily recommend these guys.

Vivien M

We are very lucky to have someone like Wayne - friendly, and thorough and deserves praise for a job well done.

Robert A

Can't say enough great things about Basnett. Today, Kyle and Ryan S were on time, polite and completed the job quickly and thoroughly. As always, Michelle called to let us know more precisely within our window when they were due to arrive. Upon arrival they discussed pricing up front and let us know what to expect. A few weeks ago, Wayne came out to address the source of a leak. All our options were presented clearly. Once again, work was completed quickly and thoroughly. We have had other services provided by Basnett, every single time they have been great to deal with. Would highly recommend them to anyone. If you have to have work done, it's nice to know that they will come as quickly as possible and always do a great job.

Customer, Littleton MA

Kevin, you did a great job for us, keep up the good work. It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks again for taking care of our plumbing problems.

Customer - Harvard, MA

I will suggest your company to my single women friends because your technicians were very courteous, friendly, non-threatening folks that were competent and fast with taking care of my plumbing issue

Satisfied Customer

We moved to Concord about a year ago. Our house came with a higher-end system and another local company came multiple times and although cheaper, never fixed the issues (which lead to a ridiculous heating bill on top of this). Since then, Basnett has come several times for both continued gradual replacement of these aging valves and the yearly maintenance. Our technician is Wayne. He is prompt, friendly and does good work. He is the reason I signed up for their maintenance program and will continue using them. So I would say that if you want it done right then call Basnett.

Customer - Concord, MA

All Basnett techs are really professional and do a great job. Work is done quickly and cleanly and always at a fair price. I am very pleased with Basnett!! Have used Basnett for many types of work - leaky faucets, toilets, pipes, sumps, etc.

Joe R

The work done by Basnett is always great! I continue to use them for all my HVAC and plumbing needs. My latest call to them was for replacement of my hot water heater. Wayne did a great job and left the area in great condition. He has always been helpful with great information. I will continue to use them for all my future needs.

Erin B

Fantastic service from Wayne and Ryan Y today. Kudos to Ryan Y for being able to extract our dishwasher so that it could be serviced by the appliance technician who was unable to extract it. Meanwhile Wayne performed annual maintenance on our A/C, boiler, water heater and generator. Very professional and courteous. I would recommend this company over any other.

Customer, Marlborough, MA

Scheduling was easy, the Basnett plumber was professional, informative and courteous. He explained the problem and the options thoroughly and completed the service in a very timely manner. He was a pleasure to deal with and I will continue to use their service in the future.

Kelly S

In the spring of 2015 we hired Basnett to install three Whisper A-C units. It worked out so well that when we experienced a heating problem (unconnected from the A-C units) two weeks ago we called Basnett to service our heating and plumbing issue. A Basnett crew headed by Paul came out the next day. As they fixed that problem, I raised an issue that has dogged our furnace system ever since we put on a major renovation 25 years ago and added two new zones to the original only zone. Heating the three resulting zones never worked properly. For example, we had to shut down one zone because it over heated. Its thermostat never seemed to be obeyed. No, it was not the thermostat. We have had several non-Basnett plumbers come to service the heating system in the past 25 years and no one was able to fix the problem - until Paul came. He analyzed the system and discovered the problem in a time-efficient manner. The reason I am writing now is because I wanted to wait some time to test the "fix". After all, history has shown that what was considered a fix never materialized. But now I can report that it works as advertised. It is remarkable - almost miraculous - that we now have three independent zones working properly. It just took Basnett and their competent crews - on their first visit - to understand the system and solve the problem. I would also like to add praise for another Basnett crew headed by Wayne who, like Paul's crew, were courteous and competent, as well.

Customer – Southborough, MA

After a few days away we arrived home to water in our basement. We immediately called Basnett Plumbing and a technician called back. Wayne walked me through a quick fix which stopped the leak. Kyle and Derek arrived shortly after to replace the valve that caused the leak. They were very professional and courteous. Thank you for the great service.

Ellen M

The company has an excellent customer service focus, excellent technicians led by Wayne Lambert, and they stand by their work. I have found them to be reliable, provide great follow-up and they do an excellent job of communicating problems and cost options. I have used their services, entered into a service agreement, and highly recommend them.

Customer - Bolton, MA.

I'm soooo glad and relieved that I called BASNETT! Wayne and Paul were, in spite of the winter storm, prompt, polite, persnickety (in and out through the snow to their truck, each time putting plastic covers on their feet to protect my floors), and professional. And, after the thorough cleaning they gave to my furnace, my home warms up FASTER and BETTER! It's 19 degrees out there. THANKS, guys!!!!!

Customer, Westford, MA.

I have used Bassett Plumbing several times. They are always prompt and professional. Wayne and Kyle were just here to fix my dryer vent: courteous, professional, and very neat. Again great service!

Linda H

Basnett Plumbing is an amazing company who truly cares about their customers. Recently, Wayne Lambert came to clean my oil burner. He was professional and very courteous. While here, he looked at my mini-split compressor outside, which I have been having trouble with. Despite the fact that it was snowing/sleeting and 15 degrees outside, as well as me telling him to come back and do it on a better day, Wayne set up a tent above the compressor and was outside for about 2 hours testing the compressor, calling Mitsubishi, testing again, calling, etc. This went on for about 2 hours. I couldn't believe he was out in this weather, working on the unit. Wayne is FABULOUS!

About 2 years ago, Basnett Plumbing installed 2 mini-split units. They are absolutely great units for both air conditioning and heating if you don't have duct work. One of my units (the one Wayne was testing) has been problematic. Basnett called Mitsubishi and was able to get me a new compressor and will be coming to install it. This is what Basnett does for their customers. From Rob the Owner, to Nancy in the office and all of the other staff who I've dealt with, I can't recommend this company enough.

Customer – Lancaster, MA

Hello. I am writing for my mother and aunt who are elderly and their boiler expired last week. All we can say is that we are very grateful with the solution and the understanding of the needs of these older ladies. The turn-around time was quick and the install was professional. We all say thank you to the Basnett team and Paul, Ryan and Derek who did the install. Thanks again.

Customer – Concord, MA

I once again needed help and called upon Basnett plumbing. I came across this company 3 years ago when I needed to replace my furnace, air conditioner system and hot water heater. I went through Mass Save and Basnett went out of their way to help process my paperwork needed and made the process a very simple process. Not to mention that their workers are courteous and very efficient at their craft. I couldn't have been any happier with my choice. This time I needed a new gas stove installed and the two employees that showed up (Wayne and Kyle) were so good at explaining what services the company provided and left me information about their company so I could make an informed decision on other products the company offers. They were excellent in the installation process and had my new stove working in no time. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs plumbing projects around their home. Basnett is very fortunate to have such a quality staff working for them, I believe that employees are a reflection of the company and this company is obviously in very good hands.

Customer - Maynard, MA

Heat went down just as cold snap set in. Our vents were blowing cold air and it was after business hours. I was away on business and received a call from my house sitter that the heat was off and, worse, cold air was blowing in. I called Basnett and left a message on their after-hours machine. Within 10-minutes, I had a call back from Lori. Knowing the temperature was going to drop into the single digits, she already had a technician on his way so our pipes wouldn't freeze. The work was wonderful. He found the problem and got the system up and running. Not only that, he called me to explain what he had done and what might be needed in the future. Even though I was in another part of the country, I felt completely in control of the situation. Why can't everything be this easy?!

Julie D

They came when they said they'd come. They worked diligently. They did what they said they'd do. Polite, clean, and professional.

Customer, Weston MA

Wonderful work completed by both Sergei and Kevin who installed my new water heater and did a check-up. Thanks, as they both are very professional and a high level of detail. Looking forward to having them service my system again. And thanks to the great team in the office as well. Cheers.

Ed H.

Thanks again to the Basnett techs for excellent work. Wayne did a fantastic and tidy job in no time to install a new kitchen faucet. I appreciate the way he called to let me know he was on his way. Ryan assisted. They did really good work. I always recommend Basnett because techs are so good. Thanks!

Customer, Littleton MA

We received prompt and efficient service on a repair job. The work was clearly explained and various options and contingencies were laid out with no pressure to make any particular decision. I don't hesitate to recommend these folks to anyone.

Mike H

Very good service. Michele was proactive in trying to match our busy schedule with a quick service date. Kevin and Sergei were fast and very professional. I especially appreciate the meaningful military discount offered by Basnett.

Customer, Littleton MA

We had Wayne and Ryan here to replace two bathroom faucets. As always, they were prompt, clean, hard-working, and courteous. We have had Basnett in the past for replacement fixtures in our downstairs bathroom, plus a re-do of existing drainage and supply pipes. We know who to call for jobs big or small!

Virginia J

My recent service was excellent. The service technician Wayne Lambert was on-time/earlier than planned but it was great. He did do what was scheduled and also provided extensive information to all my questions related to the service and also to my not-related questions. I was very pleased with the service.

Customer, Acton MA

Super company - I appreciated the reminders and updates from Michelle in the office. Techs Kevin and Sergei were extremely helpful and professional. I appreciate how courteous and informative they are. I have worked with Kevin in the past. Always a good call. I have recommended Basnett to friends. Thanks!

Customer, Littleton MA

I recently had a new heat pump and air handler system installed which included adding a zone to our basement. While heating and cooling got much better there were still hot/cold issues. I was pretty sure the issues were with the ductwork but it wasn't until I found Basnett that I found a company who spoke duct work language! I had spent 3 years on my own researching and trying to understand the issues. Basnett came in with the tools and knowledge to assess and fix the issues, some of which I was right about and others where I was dead wrong. They were very thorough and everything they did had real data behind it. They recommend changes to address a very high static pressure which was causing my air handler to back off rather than deliver the full capabilities of the new system. They did a Manual D calculation to validate and fix the ducts. With the new changes in place no more hot or cold zones. Air flow is fixed and more importantly our bills are down 10% for equivalent temperatures as compared to last year. Ductwork is very important with today's modern air handling equipment. I am very happy with the folks at Basnett and their understanding that the two go together.

Mike M

I called Basnett and they were very busy and the schedule was booked. I really needed someone to come out and take a look because of the strong odor present. The very kind receptionist, Nancy, found a way to fit in my request. Kevin and Sergei were sent out and they took care of the problem. They are so nice and easy to work with, they explained everything they were going to do. Professional and personable. I will definitely call Basnett in the future. I have a service plan with them, which helped me out with today's cost. Kevin and Sergei have been to my house twice for different issues and both experiences were great! Problem diagnosed and fixed in a timely manner.

Daniel W.

The Best company ever!!! They did a huge project in our house – changed out our 50 year old heating system, replaced oil and baseboards with forced air gas and ductwork. Also installed central AC. Responded to any questions on time and in detail. Were very professional, understanding and kind. Did the job perfectly. Helped with MassSave rebates and the interest free loan. They also did pluming work at our house, and did it perfectly as well. All of the technicians are very knowledgeable. The managers - Paul and Rob and the Office Manager Nancy - are very professional and kind. Very, very happy with this company.!!! A++++++.

Customer from Wayland, MA

Our technician Wayne was fantastic. He is extremely courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. Whatever you pay him probably is not enough. I can't describe how pleased I was with the outcome of his visit and his visit secured a customer for life.

John B

Many thanks to Rob, Mike, Kevin and Sergei for their great job plumbing the new gas fireplace insert and upgrading the service!!!

Customer from Littleton, MA

We just want to tell you how much we LOVE the Mitsubishi "Mr. Slim" system your folks installed. It is so much better than we ever expected! So quiet, and it cools the house quickly without chilly drafts. We also want to mention how nice and professional your installation crew were. They came up with some great alternatives for the routing that was more aesthetically pleasing and mechanically efficient - truly elegant solutions. We are very happy we chose Basnett!

Mark & Betsy B

Why use anyone else! They do everything! From start to finish with Lori and Nancy to our technicians Wayne and Sergei. Everything was perfect, they did it all, they did I it right and they did it in a timely fashion. What more could you ask for, Wayne kept us informed the whole way, can't say enough good things about our experience. Welcome to the family Basnett Plumbing!

Customer from Chelmsford, MA

We moved into our new house and we needed a plumber on day 2! :( We called Basnett upon recommendation and were told they could be at our house in 30 min!! Perfect. Kevin and Sergei showed up and were awesome! Kevin was very polite and clearly explained everything he was doing. The job was done well and in a timely manner. We will call Basnett again if and when we need service. A+ service.

Dan W, Dunstable

They are friendly, professional and responsive. We have used them on numerous occasions and recommend them to anyone.

James B

They replaced a hot water heater and fixed/replaced leaking valves . They came with everything needed and stayed until the job was done. They were careful and neat. They explained everything to me clearly and professionally and gave me a quote for the service that was far less than the oil company. I could not have been happier.

Susan M.

The appt was scheduled for 1:00PM, they arrived several minutes early. The technicians were very professional. They were very neat. They did a great job, I would recommend them highly.

David S

There are no better plumbers then you guys. You are the best

Customer from Still River, MA

They installed a new toilet and water heater, and put in a gas insert for the fireplace and repaired our bath tub. They are friendly, professional and responsive. We have used them on numerous occasions and recommend them to anyone.

James B

I was impressed with the owner, Rob Basnett, when he arrived at my house, I never felt he was trying to oversell me. He was the only one of the companies that actually crunched the numbers and measured the room sizes and total square footage of my home. I went with my gut feeling and choose his company to do the work. It was the best decision I have made in a long time. His employees were incredible, polite, professional, and most of all, very knowledgeable at what they were doing. They also pulled all the correct permits and had the town inspector do an inspection after the work was finished. They met with my condo association and cleared the project to meet their satisfaction. I can now enjoy my new furnace, AC, and hot water heater and not worry about issues down the line from my condo association or from the town I live in. If you have a similar situation I can save you time and money and tell you that Basnett will take care of your needs. A big Thank You to Basnett Plumbing for a quality job.

John P

Recharge/clean 2 central air systems. They arrived several minutes early, the technicians were very professional, and explained everything they were going to do. They were very neat and did a great job, I highly recommend them.

David S

Rob and his crew were what every homeowner dreams of...professional, experienced, trustworthy, and punctual....It doesn't get better than this!! Thanks a million

Customer from Acton, MA

Great! We dealt with LOTS of plumbers trying to figure this out, and Basnett was helpful, informative, prompt and financially on-target! Please feel free to use us as a reference for people considering a gas-condensing water heater.

Customer from Tyngsboro, MA

Excellent service, as always

Customer from Concord, MA

I'll continue to recommend you on the Maynard mom's yahoo group!

Customer from Maynard, MA

Was very happy with the quick and professional response. Also, was pleased with how clean the crew was able to keep the place when removing the old water heater.

Customer from Westford, MA

These guys installed the home heating system in our house and we've been using them since for maintenance. We recently had to call them to repair a leaking water drain valve. They are always on-time and friendly. They even wear little slippers as they go through your house. They are more expensive than other local companies, but their experience and professionalism makes it worth the extra few dollars.

Kelly S

Scheduling was easy, the two technicians were on time, booted themselves up to walk through the house, and laid down floor mats where they worked and where they entered the house. The work was done in a timely manner and looks professional. The noisy check valve we had is replaced with one that doesn't make a noise when it shuts after our ejector pump runs. The technicians went over the invoice, explained the warranty, and were gone. Very professional experience (and I worked my way through college as a plumber).

Charles M

I have used Basnett Plumbing and Heating about a year and half ago for a plumbing work. They were very good. They were very professional. They have a market price. I had no problems with them.

John C

Regardless of the task at hand Basnett has always demonstrated extreme professionalism, competence, understanding and a unique sense of fairness. It is a refreshing change from so many other contractors. We will be happy to unequivocally recommend you folks to anyone looking for a top notch plumbing and heating company.

Customer from Bolton, MA

So happy with every service call over the years. Everyone is courteous, professional, always give us an upfront and on target estimate, with alternatives when possible to keep expenses down, and when it's urgent, you squeeze us in somehow. ...And, I never, ever have to clean up after you are done, even if you've had to tear out walls, etc. Your team is so careful, they even cover their shoes when they come in from a trip outside to get supplies from the truck.

Becky M J

Ductless Heat Installed in Porch: Warm and toasty . Couldn't be happier, it is like we added a play room onto the house. When the kids play their electric guitars or x-box I can shut the door on them and not have to worry about hypothermia (or child protective services). You guys are the official plumbers of the Conway family,and we would recommend you to any one. Don't hesitate to use us as a reference.

Joe C.

Great experience from start to finish. I had quotes from 5 companies but this one was the far the most customer friendly, providing details about the work, equipment to all my questions, very accommodating and prompt in responding to all my requests.I already recommended them to our of my friends.

Adelina P.

You came to our rescue with a house full of guests from overseas without hot water on a Friday night! Fantastic service from Kevin. We will definitely recommend your company. Kudos

Robert P.

Wayne was great. Installed the booster pump and explained each step. Fast clean job.

M Tamaskar

I called for a service call, it was scheduled for the very next day, their service tech (Wayne)called to say he could come even earlier; work was done exactly as described and estimated; Wayne is excellent. Every experience in the past 3-4 years with Basnett has been excellent.

Steve T.

Fantastic professionals. Smart, dedicated, efficient, tidy. Always there in a pinch. As good as they come.

Susan G

Awesome, honest, efficient, local and very professional.

Susan C

We had a leak in our boiler and you came out to our home immediately to fix it and we are very thankful. We are recommending your services to friends and family who have plumbing needs.
Nancy was very helpful over the phone.

Customer, Acton, MA

The air conditioning is awesome! It's amazing how quickly it cools down the room. It's really quiet too. We’re wondering why we didn't do this sooner! Mike and the rest of the guys were great.

Customer, Lunenburg, MA

Basnett did our heating system. They were very good. They were punctual and they were professional. They were clean and everything was working really well. I would recommend them. They have worked in all of the houses around here.

Customer, Harvard, MA

I have used Basnett several times before. They show up on time and they fix the problem. The price seems reasonable to me for the service provided. In this case our AC unit stopped working right in the middle of a heat wave. Kevin, the technician, took a look and found that a mouse had gotten in and done the damage. They replaced the part and it’s worked just fine ever since.

Charles C.

We have called Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC for several years now whenever we need plumbing and heating repairs. I've always been happy with their service. Their plumbers are very friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure doing business with them. A friend of mine recommended you to us and we wouldn't think of calling anyone else.

Sally R.

After toiling with several other “reputable” plumbing and HVAC outfits in the area, I was recommended to Rob and his team at Basnett, and I couldn't be happier. I recommend Basnett to all my family and friends, and I will use Basnett as long as I am a home owner. There is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with honest advice and professional service that Basnett provides. I first used Basnett to help find and fix an internal mystery leak that had caused significant damage. Two other companies failed to even find the leak, but the guys at Basnett found the issue and fixed the problem at a reasonable cost. Since then, I have used Basnett for all my plumbing and HVAC needs. More recently, Rob and his team were able to assess our HVAC and internal air quality concerns. They provided us with detailed diagnostics and a range of options to address various issues. I especially appreciated Rob's willingness to talk me through the issues, recommend what he felt made the most sense in the immediate- and long-term, and clearly advise me on what was best for our home (which ended up being less expensive than many of the options that were on the table).

Customer from Carlisle, MA

After 40 years dealing with plumbers, I am so impressed with Basnett Plumbing! The technician and his assistant were prompt, personable, and professional. The cost of the repair was reasonable and in line with what we have paid for other plumbers. I will certainly call Basnett for any future service I might need.

Linda M

Basnett Plumbing & Heating installed two heating systems in an apartment house we own, which also included removing the existing burner and oil tank. The job was completed in three and a half days which really impressed us. They were efficient, professional and showed up when they said they would. They moved and put back anything that needed to be moved and cleaned up after the job was done. Everything is working perfectly. We are extremely happy with their work and would recommend Basnett Plumbing & Heating

Mary C.

Basnett was the most responsive of the four businesses we had in for quotes. They got back to us quickly with quotes for several different options we were thinking of and answered all of our questions. (One place didn’t get back to us at all and one took 3 weeks to get a quote back to us.) The best part was they were able to get in and do the work very quickly! In fact, we had to ask them to come a week later than they could have come just because we were too busy! Then, it took them only two days to do all of the work without any interruption to our hot water or heating. That included adding in some extra work with our washer/dryer hookups we asked for at the last minute. Everyone was very friendly and respectful and answered any questions we had. We were impressed!

Customer from Pepperall, MA

We used Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC for about 6 weeks this summer. We were putting in air conditioning and had to have a lot of duct work done. Then we put in heating and a water heater. They were very responsive. This was not a straightforward project and they were very responsive because we had to change the project around. They were really good.

Kathleen R

Basnett performed two jobs for us. One was a steam boiler cleaning and motor maintenance which was done thoroughly and really seems to have improved the efficiency of the heating. This same team also diagnosed a faulty thermostat and sold us a superior model as a replacement. The second job was the somewhat complex installation of a tankless water heater which involved the four skills of carpentry, gas pipefitting, water plumbing and electrical installation. The work seems to have been done carefully and accurately. Basnett seeks a high standard of service: its office people communicate efficiently by phone and e-mail, and the craftsmen on site respond to all questions in person, keep at the tasks steadily and clean up nicely afterwards. We were impressed that the written estimate on the water heater installation was compiled in a careful formal detail after a visit by an assessing plumber who measured, judged and listed everything precisely and answered all our questions about the technology; actually Basnett's quote on that particular job was lower than proposals by some other plumbing outfits. Our experience was that this company is to be solidly recommended, although in some cases may be pricy compared to others.

Customer, Acton, MA

Basnett Plumbers are professional, skilled, knowledgeable and nice people. I hired them to install my high efficiency heater, heat pump, mini-splits, humidifier, air cleaner, and for every day plumbing jobs.

Nancy M

Kevin was our technician. He was extremely professional, courteous, and hard working. He completed 3 separate jobs including a leaking ceiling/toilet, hot water heater tune up and changed our furnace filter. He kept us updated and even dealt with my crazy dog while he did everything. I highly recommend!

Jesse V

Basnett Plumbing was recommended to me by the former owners of my house and my neighbor up the street. They were great to deal with from the time I first called to schedule an appointment until the problem was fixed. The gentlemen who came to repair my plumbing issue were professional and polite and did an incredible job. I will most certainly call Basnett Plumbing without hesitation.

Customer from Maynard, MA

Kevin McPherson from Basnett did a great job doing a repair for us.... we had a significant leak to repair in the downstairs bathroom due to an aging toilet. He assessed the issue, gave us some options. We chose what option we wanted, and it was fixed very quickly and professionally. Basnett has bailed us out several times over the last 10 years, and I highly recommend them.

Ron L

My heating died early in January when the outdoor temps were going well below zero. I was not a current customer of Basnett but called them and Rob was at my home the next morning, provided a quotation for a new boiler with indirect hot water heater in a few hours. His company installed it the next day also cleaning up the piping maze from the previous two systems. Less than 48 Hours from phone call to new heating system in what was most likely a very busy week for them. They were very clear with answers to my questions on options included in the proposal and the crew they sent out to do the work was professional, friendly, concerned about the quality of their work, Additionally they took the time to review the differences between what I had vs what they installed. It was a delight to deal with a company that provides the same level of customer service and support that I strive to give my customers. Well Done!

Customer, Maynard, MA

Kevin’s performance in servicing our boiler this past week was outstanding. First of all, he arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected. He began by discussing with us the reason for his visit and then clearly and, in great deal, explaining the service options available to us. After servicing our boiler he showed us what he had done and what he felt were some of the major reasons why we needed servicing. We also had additional questions about other plumbing work that we are considering which Kevin addressed in a very knowledgeable manner. Kevin also performed the servicing required in a very clean manner leaving no evidence of the work that he had done. We were very much impressed by Kevin’s very professional manner.

Paul & Pat M.

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