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Faulty Thermostats and Air Conditioning Repair in Littleton, MA

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

The thermostat allows you to control your air conditioning unit, setting the temperature you prefer and shutting the air conditioning system off once it reaches that temperature. In towns like Littleton, MA with older homes, you still see older thermostats with mercury switches as well as more modern thermostats with electronic components.  Regardless of the type you have, when they exhibit problems, it can be a frustrating experience. Air conditioning repair technicians can address faulty thermostat problems, but it helps to know the causes and symptoms of those problems before calling someone in.

Some problems with faulty thermostats arise solely from their positioning in the house. In order to gauge the temperature accurately, the thermostat needs to be away from breezeways and cold spots, and out of warm areas of excessive sunlight. If it isn’t, it may misread the temperature, turning the air conditioner on and off when it shouldn’t. In that case, the thermostat probably needs to be moved to a location where it can gauge the temperature more accurately.

The thermostat’s anticipator may cause issues as well. If incorrectly set, it might cause the air conditioning unit to cycle on and off or run longer than it should. Anticipators are common on older mercury thermostats; replacing it with a new electronic thermostat might solve the issue.

Thermostats also get dirty, just like any other device. If the inside components get dirty, it could interfere with the ability to accurately read the temperature and/or turn on and off when it should. In some cases, it can prevent the air conditioner from turning on at all. You can clean it using compressed air the same way you would a computer, or you can contact a professional to clean it for you.

No matter why a faulty thermostat is acting the way it is, it takes an expert to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. Basnett Plumbing & Heating has the know-how to correct a faulty thermostat and other air conditioning repair issues. We cover the Littleton, MA area and our technicians are dedicate to total customer satisfaction. Whether you want to upgrade an older thermostat to a new one or just need a little help with your existing thermostat, give us a call today.

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Littleton, MA Plumbing Guide: Materials Uses for Pipes

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

We don’t think much about the plumbing system in our homes, but they really are a cornerstone of modern life. Without them, we wouldn’t have hot water in our bathrooms or drinking water in our taps. Littleton, MA is an old community, which means that we can see the slow improvement in plumbing systems over the years and the way it’s improved our lives. The materials used in the system play a huge part in that.

Before 1960s, a lot of plumbing pipes were made from cast iron, which had the advantage of being durable and conducting temperature changes extremely well. Cast iron was prone to rust and corrosion, however, which obviously caused its share of problems. Galvanized steel was introduced, which avoids the issues of corrosion. However, galvanized steel doesn’t last as long as other material does, and today mostly appears in older homes as well.

For metal piping, copper remains the go-to material for home use. It’s flexible, it’s tough, it doesn’t rust or corrode and it conducts temperature changes extremely well. You’ll find copper in many modern homes today. Copper’s one drawback is that it costs more than other forms of piping, which can keep more modest homes from including them. Luckily, our modern age has produced plastic piping as well, which can be just as strong and durable as metal pipes. PVC piping, for instance, sees regular use in plumbing systems thanks to its strong-yet-inexpensive nature; however, can’t be used for hot water pipes. More recently, PEX piping has become popular for us in home plumbing system. It uses compression fittings and its immense flexibility doesn’t detract from its strength.  It can also be used for both hot and cold water pipes.

No matter what kind of pipes used in your plumbing, you want a trained expert to treat it when problems arise. In Littleton, MA, pipes and plumbing issues can be answered by the technicians at Basnett Plumbing & Heating. Call us today; no matter what kind of pipes you have, we’ll make sure that you come away 100% satisfied with our work.

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Littleton, MA Air Conditioning Repair Needs: Is Your Condensate Pump Faulty?

Monday, August 12th, 2013

The condensate pump helps keep your air conditioning system get rid of the condensation which is a natural part of the cooling process. If the condensate pump is faulty, you might not notice right away, but it could lead to significant issues if it’s not dealt with in a timely fashion. Calling in a Littleton, MA air conditioning professional to address the issue is infinitely preferable to waiting for the AC system to fail in the middle of a heat wave.

The pump’s job is to remove condensation from the air conditioning system, which forms on the evaporator coils . The pump disposes of the condensate that collects in the pan through the drain lines. If the pump is damaged or the lines are clogged, the condensation cannot drain. The water will become stagnant, creating strange smells and possibly lowering the quality of your air. Of even greater concern is the damage caused if the water overflows, interfering with the functioning of nearby components and possibly necessitating serious repair bills.

You can spot a faulty compensate pump by the presence of water leaking from your air conditioning system, by the aforementioned smells, or by corrosion or water stains in areas around the air conditioning system. When you do, it pays to contact a specialist to deal with the issue. Attempting to fix it yourself may not solve it and could create other problems in the bargain. A qualified technician can not only fix the problem, but can set up a routine maintenance schedule with you in order to keep the problem from recurring in the future. Maintenance visits can include checking the pump to make sure it’s functioning properly, as well as examining the drain line for clogs and similar upkeep issues.

If you’re worried about a faulty condensate pump or any other aspect of your air conditioning system, call the experts at Basnett Plumbing & Heating. We specialize in air conditioning repair in Littleton, MA, and can address the issue before it becomes a major headache.

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Plumbing in Concord, MA: What You Need to Know About Pipe Replacement

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

For most homeowners, the idea of living without the luxury of modern plumbing is unthinkable. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which you may experience a disruption to your plumbing system. It is always best for these situations to be planned. Scheduling pipe replacement and knowing that it is coming is far more manageable than suddenly discovering that a pipe in your home has burst. Understanding when it is in your best interest to replace pipes in your home is a great way to ensure that your home is disrupted for as brief a time as possible. Contact us today to discuss the pipe replacement services we offer. When it comes to plumbing in Concord, MA, you can count on Basnett Plumbing & Heating to get the job done right.

A variety of different issues may lead to a need for pipe replacement. In a lot of instances, the material of your pipes will play a large role in this. This is pretty dependent on the age of your house. While materials like cast iron were common for water lines, they have fallen out favor for newer materials less likely to corrode. If your house is very old, it is possible that your pipes may be corroded, and a pipe replacement is a good preventive measure to consider.

A lot of times, shifting earth, the freezing and unfreezing of the ground, or even invasive tree roots may cause your pipes to suffer damages. Often, damaged pipes can be repaired. In some cases, though, when the extent of damage merits it, it may be advisable to replace the pipe instead. Any pipe replacement, whether it is a main water line or indoor plumbing pipes, must be completed by a skilled, licensed plumber. There is too much riding on the performance of your pipes to take any risks.

At Basnett Plumbing & Heating, we know how important it is for your pipes to be in great shape. That is why we approach every pipe replacement we complete with the same devotion to excellent workmanship. When you work with us, you can count on dependable plumbing service in Concord, MA.

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