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Common High Velocity Air Conditioning Repairs

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

One of the best upgrades you can have for your home’s comfort is to invest in a high velocity air conditioning system. These advanced ACs provide increased even distribution of cooling with rapid release of air into rooms, combined with small air ducts that save space over standard air ducts. This makes high velocity systems helpful if you live in an older home with no ducts or limited space for them. You can also install high velocity systems as both air conditioners and heaters (using an add-on heat pump or electric duct heater), and they operate with minimal noise—far less than standard air conditioners.

Basnett Plumbing & Heating specializes in installing Unico high velocity systems. We also know how to maintain and repair them. When you need air conditioning repair in Concord, MA for your high velocity system, make sure to call us.

Repairs for high velocity ACs

  • Duct repairs: A high velocity system requires only two types of ducts: a main plenum, or trunk line that comes from the air handler (7–10” in diameter), and the supply tubes, which are 2” in inside diameter plus outside insulation. These ducts require special repair should they break or become loose; although these repairs are smaller and less labor-intensive than repairs to standard ductwork, they do require specialists who are familiar with high velocity systems. The tubing can deteriorate over time and will occasionally need replacement.
  • Motor replacements: One of the few downsides of a high velocity system is that the smaller tubing and larger power required from the air handler puts additional stress on the mechanical components, mostly the motors. Along with stringent annual maintenance, you may occasionally need work done on the motors if they show signs of burning out. Usually, the motors will need replacement.
  • Air handler repairs: For any system that uses such high velocity air, the air handler is a key component and will receive a great deal of stress that will lead to repair needs. The air handler can sometimes need repairs to maintain the proper level of airflow and to protect the vibration pads used to lower system vibration (which could damage other components) and absorb the extra sound.

Remember: professional installation will deter repairs!

There are an alarming number of central cooling systems in the U.S. that receive improper installation. When you are dealing with a complex unit like a high velocity air conditioning system, quality professional installation is more important than ever. A leading cause of repairs for these systems come from poor installation, so make sure that you have yours put in right the first time.

For professional installation of a high velocity system, as well as the air conditioning repair in Concord, MA to keep it running, call Basnett Plumbing & Heating.

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Ways to Avoid Tree Root Problems with Your Drain Line

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Your home’s  drain line remains out of sight—exactly as you want it—running from underneath your property and out to the municipal sewer system in the center of the street, where the line deposits the wastewater collected from all the drains in your house.

But although the drain line remains out of sight, don’t keep it entirely out of mind. Damage to this line will cause clogs in your drains, and possibly flooding into the basement and foundations of your home. This will require the work of skilled plumbers to repair. For all Littleton, MA drain problems, call on Basnett Plumbing & Heating for fast and reliable service.

The Problem with Tree Roots

Perhaps the #1 danger to your drain line is tree roots. The growing roots of plants naturally seek water and nutrients, and so they will spread down toward the wastewater pipes. The tiny tendrils at the end of roots will find minute places to infiltrate into the pipes, soon growing into a blockage inside. This can even lead to the pipe breaking when the root pressure grows too powerful.

There are ways you can help avoid this. You should know where your drain line is located underground; you can call a public utility company (the “Call before You Dig” people) to find this information, and use it to help guide you when landscaping and planting. Try to plant large trees distant from the drain line; for shrubs and bushes that are closer to the pipe, choose plants with shallow or slow-growing roots.

There are some root-dissolving chemicals that will protect your pipes. You may wish to consult with professional plumbers regarding this, since they will know how to best create a chemical barrier between the roots and your drain line.

You should act fast at the first signs of root infiltration so professionals can stop the problem before larger repairs become necessary. Regular clogging of drains throughout your home is an early signal of the problem. If you identify root growth in time, plumbers can often eliminate it with root-destroying chemicals instead of needing to dig down to fix or replace the pipe.

It always helps to have regular inspection of your drainage system from professional plumbers. Annual plumbing maintenance will catch potential problems with your drain line to help you head off an expensive and disruptive repair. You will also have cleaner and healthier plumbing in general.

Basnett Plumbing & Heating has the experienced plumbers to help your Littleton, MA drain system stay root-free and problem-free. Call us for maintenance, repairs, and installation for your plumbing.

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3 Reasons That Air Conditioning Maintenance Is a Good Idea in Spring

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Summer planning for your air conditioning starts in spring. To make sure that it’s ready for the season, you need to schedule a maintenance session with a skilled air conditioning technician.

Basnett Plumbing & Heating has a long history of delivering comfort to homes in the Metrowest Area. Our emphasis on quality and promptness has made us the #1 choice for many homeowners. When you need air conditioning maintenance in Littleton, MA, contact our staff.

3 reasons to have air conditioning maintenance done during spring

  1. Avoid the summer repair crunch: Summer heat means busier schedules for air conditioning repair technicians: they will have numerous emergency calls to attend to. This can make it difficult to find a convenient time for a maintenance visit on your system. Spring, however, is a slower period for HVAC companies, and you should have few problems finding a time for maintenance that works for both you and your technician.
  2. Be prepared for spring surprises: One of the basic goals of AC maintenance is to prevent the system from breaking down during hot days when it has to do the most work. Spring can occasionally have surprise hot days, especially the closer it gets to summer. You don’t want your system to fail because you’ve delayed maintenance until the last minute. It’s always wise to stay a few months ahead of the weather when it comes to maintaining your home comfort systems.
  3. Catch repair needs in time to fix them: A part of regular maintenance is checking the AC to see if there are any malfunctions that may have gone unnoticed so far, or places where repairs will soon be necessary. If you have maintenance done during the spring, you’ll have ample time to schedule the repairs before the weather grows too hot.

If you sign up for the Ultimate Savings Agreement and Ultimate Maintenance Agreement available from Basnett Plumbing & Heating, you’ll receive the maintenance necessary for your air conditioner and heater, along with 15% discount on repairs and service calls, priority scheduling, upfront pricing, and more. You’ll save money where it counts the most: fewer repairs, increased energy efficiency, and a longer system lifespan. Trust us with all your Littleton, MA air conditioning repair and maintenance needs.

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Winter Thaw and Burst Pipes: What You Need to Know

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Homeowners who live in places with low winter temperatures know that one of the major dangers to their plumbing is pipes bursting because of freezing. This can have a large destructive effect on a home’s plumbing system and require numerous repairs to rectify. You need to know what to do about frozen pipes and how to prevent pipe bursting. And you need to know about it now more than ever, at the start of spring, as we’ll explain.

When you need work with your pipes in Harvard, MA, get in touch with Basnett Plumbing & Heating. You can expect quality service, on-time arrival, and a job done right the first time when you rely on our services.

The real reason for burst pipes

Frozen pipes don’t burst because water expands when it freezes, even though that sounds like a common sense explanation. When water expands, it takes the path of least resistance, so it will expand to the sides in pipes, which doesn’t threaten to make the pipe burst.

The danger comes from thawing. As the ice in the pipe melts, the water caught between the ice plug and the closed faucet causes an increase in pressure. This is what leads to pipes shattering from the inside. Therefore, the spring thaw is when you should feel the most concerned about frozen pipes giving your plumbing grief.

As the weather warms up, keep the faucets open on pipes that have frozen. (You can tell a frozen pipe because when you turn the tap, a mere trickle of water comes from the faucet.) However, be cautious about trying to unfreeze the pipe yourself with tricks like using electric blankets, space heaters, or hair dryers. And under no circumstances should you use any device with an open flame! It’s at this point you need to call a professional plumber to assist with the thawing process so you have the least risk possible of a pipe shattering.

A plumber can also help you prepare for next winter so your pipes won’t freeze in the first place. Pipe insulation sleeves are an excellent way to shield the plumbing from losing too much heat. If your plumber works for a company that also handles HVAC, he or she can direct you toward ways to provide more warmth to areas with pipes.

Basnett Plumbing & Heating has encountered frozen and burst pipes many times since we started in business in 1987. If you need special assistance to prevent shattering plumbing, or if you need to have pipes in Harvard, MA replaced, call us to schedule an appointment. We will finish the work fast but keep you satisfied. (We do HVAC work as well.)

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