4 Misconceptions about Ductwork

heating/cooling register on wallThe ductwork is as much of a fixture in your home as the plumbing or the drywall, something you don’t give a second thought to most of the time. Hidden behind walls and ceilings, the ductwork quietly allows for the passing of air in order to heat or cool every room in your home. This does not seem like a very complex structure, which is why you may not think your ductwork needs much attention.

However, this is a major issue in the world of HVAC. Ductwork can often be the source of a home’s heating and cooling woes, but we are here to help. We’re clearing up 4 misconceptions you might have about home air ducts. Feel free to call our team when your ducts need service.

1. Your ducts are probably fine

You might believe your ducts are just fine, since they’ve really just been sitting in the walls and attic untouched all this time. However, the air pressure that moves them can be quite significant. They may have actually taken a beating over the years, or even become naturally dilapidated, and have significant holes and cracks.

In fact, the majority of ductwork in the U.S. is leaking. Even worse is that this leaking can start at the beginning of the life of the air ducts, because so many builders do not use HVAC engineers to install the ductwork. The average home loses about 20-30% of the air that moves through it to leaks in the ducts, meaning a proportionate amount of energy is wasted too.

2. Duct tape works for duct sealing

This is perhaps the most understandable of any of these misconceptions. After all, “duct tape” is right there in the name, and it seems like this sturdy sealant would be an ideal material for stopping leaks. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, duct tape could be a major fire hazard.

Duct tape does not create a strong enough seal when it comes to your ducts anyway. Professionals use quality mastic and other materials—including Aeroseal technology that is not available in stores—to seal the ducts.

3. Calling for Duct Services Is a Waste

It can be difficult even for some professionals to find and detect all of the tiny leaks that may be present throughout the ductwork. When you call in professional technicians who use Aeroseal for duct sealing, you’ll know that your ducts are better sealed than they were before. We’re happy to prove it to you!

Aeroseal is a system that uses tiny adhesive particles and a large machine to blow them out into the ductwork. These particles wander around the ducts latching onto holes and slowly sealing them up. We can give you a report before and after the job showing the pressure changes in the ducts after this service!

4. Ducts Don’t Need Cleaning

You have an air filter. Shouldn’t this be enough to keep the air moving through the ducts clean? It would be nice, but dust can certainly get into the ducts despite the filter, through holes in the ducts, as small particles come through the filter, or from the air vents. Most ducts are lined with a layer of dust that may be sending allergens back into the living space, which is why we recommend duct cleaning every few years.

We are proud to use Aeroseal technology for duct sealing in Sudbury, MA. Contact Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today!

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