The Benefits of a High Velocity AC System

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At Basnett, we take pride in staying current with the finest in air conditioning and other home comfort technology. It’s an important part of our job to make sure our customers can choose from the best in equipment to keep their homes cooled through the summer weather.

When it comes to great technology in air conditioning in Acton, MA, high velocity systems are among the most advanced—and a Unico high velocity system may be the perfect new system you’ve been searching for!

The Basics of a High Velocity System

High Velocity sounds powerful… but what does it really mean for air conditioning?

Picture the standard central air conditioning system. An outdoor condenser, and indoor evaporator, an air handler to send air through the evaporator, and a system of ducts to carry the air to the rooms.

Now imagine making the air handler extremely powerful, sending the air at higher velocity. With a standard set of ducts, this wouldn’t mean much. But high velocity allows a change in the ductwork. Rather than the larger metal and plastic ducts to move the air around the house, a high velocity system can use smaller flexible tubes to carry the air, which open onto the rooms through small holes. It’s still similar in most ways to the standard AC, but the ductwork has become different and the air enters the rooms at a higher speed.

Why This Is Beneficial

So what is it that makes a Unico high velocity system a benefit for certain homes?

The biggest advantage of choosing a high velocity AC is that it makes it easier to provide central air to a house without the space for standard ducts. If you live in a vintage home (and there are plenty of those in Massachusetts), it was probably constructed without consideration of central cooling. To put in a conventional split system air conditioner would require extensive remodeling and adding ducts in places like the backs of closets. This is why many homes still use window ACs. The small size of the duct tubing for a high velocity system makes it simple to thread the ductwork through the walls and provide cooling throughout a house.

The other big benefit is that high velocity systems distribute cooling in rooms faster and more evenly. Rather than cool air sluggishly rolling out of vents, the smaller vents shoot the air out to create currents of air. This circulates the cooled air around the room much faster and with a more even spread—you won’t have to worry about hot spots, which is not only a problem with window ACs but also with the best in central air conditioning systems.

Find the AC That Works

We love the Unico high velocity system, which is why we carry it and often recommend it. It’s not the solution for all homes and customers, however, and we’re glad to assist you with your plans for installing a new central air conditioner.

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