Air Conditioning Articles

Is It Normal to See Ice on My AC?

September 9, 2019
ice on coil cooler of dirty air conditioner

Let’s get into what this ice means and why it spells bad news for an air conditioning system.

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The Benefits of a High Velocity AC System

July 29, 2019
A man in glasses wearing a blue short sleeve button up shirt & striped holding a fan in front of his face with the wind blowing back his hair and tie, High Velocity AC System

High Velocity sounds powerful… but what does it really mean for air conditioning?

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How Do AC Refrigerant Leaks Start?

June 17, 2019
Close up of copper pipes agains a white wall, AC refrigerant leaks

Why do these leaks start in the first place? Are there any steps you can take to prevent this?

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How an HVAC Contractor Knows How Powerful an AC You Need

May 20, 2019
Air conditioner units on slabs at the side of a red brick building

An HVAC contractor knows how powerful an air conditioner to install through a process called “sizing.”

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You’ve Decided to Get a New AC—Now What?

April 22, 2019
Top view of an ancient air conditioning unit

Now is the right time to have HVAC professionals install a new air conditioner to provide you with many years of the comfort your family needs.

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AC Maintenance Can Help You Settle the “Repair or Replace?” Question

March 25, 2019
Home inspector, repairman, adjuster examines air conditioner units at a customer home. He is using his digital tablet to record results. AC Maintenance

If you’re currently in a bind about “repair vs. replace” for your air conditioner, we recommend calling professionals for spring AC maintenance.

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Why a Higher Setting on the Thermostat in Summer Is Better

August 13, 2018
An index finger of a person pressing the programming button on their thermostat, Higher Thermostat

We’re encouraging you to put your thermostat at a higher setting than you normally have it when you’re trying to keep cool.

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Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is So Great

April 9, 2018

Why is air conditioning maintenance so great? Here are a few of the reasons.

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