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Why Ductless Mini Splits Are So Popular in Our Area

ductless-air-conditioning-remoteIt goes by many names, but whatever you call it, the system you see pictured above is gaining popularity in recent years. A ductless system makes it possible for people without any conventional ventilation system to get the level of cooling they need to keep an entire home cool—and warm!

Today, we’ll go into a little bit of information on how ductless mini splits work better for ductless homes than many other systems, and why they are so popular in our area. Call our team to schedule your ductless system installation in Concord, MA.

Window Units Are Noisy and Inefficient

We’d like to make one thing clear: a window air conditioning unit is not the same thing as a ductless mini-split. Window units have many problems that go along with nearly any installation, and it starts with the way they are designed.

All of the components usually contained in a split system or a rooftop packaged unit are now contained to a small box that simply cannot provide the efficiency central air conditioning is designed for. These systems and portable air conditioners alike run into many problems over time.

  • Window air units are known for their noisiness, since the large fans and motors that usually remain outdoors are confined to a single box.
  • Window units and packaged air conditioners often lack the power to cool a larger room.
  • In fact, these systems are rarely sized to fit a space, which means they may have to run constantly to keep you cool, running up your bills.
  • Window units tend to have a short lifespan.
  • You cannot easily open the window your AC unit occupies if you wanted to!

Ductless Mini Splits Do Not Require Major Renovations

People without any ductwork throughout the home may begin to feel as though renovations are their best option. It may seem like you need to add a system into the walls if you want to have complete control over the temperature over all of the rooms in your home. Window units certainly don’t offer you a convenient central control, and as we’ve seen above, they are less than ideal for many other reasons as well.

But a ductless mini split installation requires no major renovations. Yes, there are indoor and outdoor components. All a technician has to do to install the indoor components, though, is to mount indoor blower units to the wall and connect these to the outdoors with a refrigerant line.

You still get a central thermostat to control all of the units or one at a time, and you don’t have to worry about tearing apart the house.

Your Home Is More Comfortable and You Save in the Long Run

There’s no comparison when it comes to ductless mini split systems and window units or portable air conditioners. Those other systems are not held to the same sizing and efficiency standards as conventional central air conditioners. A ductless mini split, on the other hand, often has an efficiency rating that offsets a similarly sized conventional system.

Plus, a ductless mini split is an efficient heater, too! And in this part of the country, you’ll be grateful for the extra heating come wintertime.

Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC installs and services ductless mini-splits in Concord, MA. Contact us today!

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