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Need a New AC for Next Summer?

At this time of year it’s pretty easy to see where your air conditioning system may need some help, mostly because this is the time of year when the system is working its hardest. But what if your AC needs more than help? What if it is actually time to consider replacing it? What kinds of factors make the difference between replacing instead of repairing? Let’s take a look.

Factor 1: The Age of Your System

Every electro-mechanical system has an expiration date, usually given as the average lifespan. When it comes to air conditioners, the average lifespan for a traditional split system is 10-15 years, and for heat pumps it is 20-25. Electro-mechanical systems break down as they age, so age is a significant factor when it comes to potential replacement.

Factor 2: Repairs

It’s one thing to make necessary repairs and quite another to nurse a system along that may need to be replaced. Questions to ask yourself are how many repairs have you had to make over the last two years and are you facing a number of repairs in the future? When combined with the age of your system, you may find that your money is better spent on a new, reliable AC.

Factor 3: Performance

The whole point of having whole-home cooling is to be comfortable. If you are experiencing uneven cooling, the inability of your AC to meet your cooling needs or very high energy bills, you aren’t getting good performance. In the long run, a new system may actually save you money because it will be more energy efficient.

Working with a trained expert, like the ones at Basnett Plumbing & Heating, can help you determine whether or it’s time to replace your existing air conditioning system in Harvard, MA. Call us today and schedule an appointment!

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