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Watch Out for Critters in Your Home Comfort System

This week, we want to talk about something that’s come up a lot lately with our service calls. We’ve had a surprising increase in calls about animals causing problems for home comfort systems!

Proper care and maintenance may help to prevent some of these issues and protect your feathered, furry, or scaly neighbors. Otherwise, it’s all about knowing when to call for service. Call in technicians the moment you notice a problem with your AC, heater, or water heater!

Our experience: A bird in the flue pipe!

Recently, we went on a service call for a customer who had a dead bird in the flue of their water heater. It’s sad and a little disturbing to hear about a dead animal in your home, but it’s also a safety issue.

Any gas water heater needs a ventilation system to exhaust combustion byproducts created by the heating process to the outdoors. That’s what keeps dangerous substances like carbon monoxide out of your home.

There are protective covers you can have installed on the rooftop for your flue pipe (the vent that exhausts carbon monoxide and other byproducts). And annual water heater maintenance service can help you determine if your flue pipe is clogged and needs immediate cleaning.

Air conditioning: A creature comfort

The outside unit of your air conditioner is a popular place to find unwanted creatures, or the damage they’ve left behind. We’ve seen instances in which mice have chewed through wires in the condenser unit. In some areas of the US, it’s common for snakes to find their way into the unit!

Annual air conditioning service can help you detect damage early, before chewed wires and other critter-related damage forces your AC unit to break down entirely. You also get a tune-up of your system that can help it to run more smoothly throughout the summer.

Stay safe! Call Basnett Plumbing & Heating today at 978-486-3767 for more information about our repair and maintenance services available in Maynard and the surrounding areas.

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