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Could Professional Duct Cleaning Really Help Your Home?

duct-cleaning-brushChanging the air filter in your heating and air conditioning systems is not enough to make the air clean. Many homeowners who notice problems with their indoor air quality need separate air filtration and air purification systems to control allergies and asthma. But in some homes, dirty ducts contribute to the problem, and an air filtration system cannot do much to help.

If this is true for your home, professional duct cleaning is the best path to travel. Not sure if it’s worth it? Read on to find out how professional duct cleaning may help you, and call our experts for more information.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality from Dirty Ducts

If members of your family have declining health, or allergies made worse from being indoors, it’s worth looking into a solution. While duct cleaning is not always the indoor air quality solution, it’s often helpful. Maybe someone in the family needs an inhaler more frequently once they are in your home, or perhaps your sleep is disturbed by fits of sneezing and coughing. These are signs you should pay close attention to.

Another sign to look out for is furniture that gets too dusty too fast. This is a potential sign that the ducts send dust and particulate floating around your home.

Contaminants Often Found in Ductwork

Not sure if dirty ducts are something to concern yourself with? Dust may be the least of your problems. According to the National Association of Duct Cleaners, mold, fungi, and bacteria may also be present in your ductwork.

Duct cleaning helps to get these contaminants under control. The air pressure in the ducts may send them out to the rooms in your house as the blower fan turns on, but homeowners say they notice a major difference in their health after a thorough duct cleaning.

Other Ways Duct Cleaning Can Help Your Home

After duct cleaning, many homeowners are happy to report that the service resolves more than one of their home comfort and health issues. Besides improving indoor air quality for your health, professional duct cleaning may also come with these benefits.

  • Better AC and heating system performance – You may notice your air conditioner and heater provide better airflow throughout the home. That’s because all of that buildup in the ducts may have slowed down your HVAC systems.
  • Lower bills – Because air can flow more smoothly through the ducts, you may notice a decline in your monthly bills.
  • A cleaner home – Without all that dirt in the ducts, you may not need to dust so often.

Why You Must Call Professionals

It’s important that you only call in qualified duct professionals to do the work. The wrong duct cleaning method can leave you with more dust in your living space than you started with! If the dust is not completely cleared away, it can move about in the air with ease, and may simply get kicked up into the air you breathe. Only trust duct cleaning professionals with the right level of experience.

Basnett Plumbing & Heating offers professional duct cleaning in Carlisle, MA and the Metrowest Boston area. Call our technicians today!

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