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How Dirty Ducts Can Raise Your Bills

Over time, the insides of your ducts are bound to get dusty. Sometimes, this dust is relatively harmless, while eventually all of the buildup can threaten your health. That’s when a lot of people decide it’s time to schedule professional duct cleaning services. But did you know that this service is also important for those hoping to save on annual heating and cooling costs?

Dirty air ducts can have a major impact on the way air moves into your home. Schedule duct cleaning, and you might notice an improvement in your monthly heating and cooling costs.

How Dirt Affects Airflow

Dirty air ducts affect the flow of air moving throughout your ventilation system. Too much buildup within the ducts creates friction that stops air from moving through your home with ease. That means that the heater or air conditioner takes longer to heat or cool your home, leaving you a little less comfortable.

In addition, your air conditioner or heater can run into problems as it becomes overworked from all of the extra effort used to cool or heat your home. That’s why you should be proactive about getting your HVAC system cleaned.

When to Schedule Cleaning

We know that you can’t exactly look at your vents and tell that they’re in need of cleaning. When your air ducts are dirty, however, you might notice that dust builds up in your living space a little faster. You might also be aware that your heating and cooling systems have slowed down, but it probably won’t be obvious at first.

We recommend calling professional duct cleaners once every few years. It can be a major help to people with allergies or those with asthma, and it can also help to reduce illnesses among members of your household.

Basnett Plumbing & Heating offers duct cleaning services in Harvard, MA. Call our team today to make an appointment!

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