Why Consider a High Velocity Heating System

woman-relaxed-on-couchIf you’re in a position where you believe you’ll need a new heating and cooling system installed for your house, one option to consider is a high velocity system. These systems can provide numerous benefits for homes, such as a better spread of heating and a reduction in energy bills.

What Is a High Velocity System?

In its basics, a high velocity system is similar to the standard HVAC system you probably already have installed. Air is heated in the unit, then sent into ducts to travel to the various rooms. Most high velocity systems are types of heat pumps, so they offer both heating and cooling.

What’s different about a high velocity system compared to a standard ducted heat pump is that instead of conventional large ducts, the air is carried through the house in tubes that are only about five inches in diameter. A powerful air handler unit pushes the air at high pressure through these small tubes, and the air enters the rooms at higher speed than you would normally get from the vents.

How This Can Be Beneficial

You can probably guess some of the benefits of using a high velocity HVAC system just by reading the description. Here’s a rundown of the major advantages of this type of heating and cooling system.

  • Better heating/cooling distribution: Because of the speed the air leaves the small circular duct openings, it moves quickly through a room. The spread of heating or cooling is more even, leaving few hot or cold spots.
  • Energy savings: The faster action of a high velocity system means it won’t need to run as long to provide comfort. You can expect to see a drop in your utility bills.
  • Easy installation for older homes: The small tubes required for a high velocity system makes them ideal for homes that don’t have pre-existing ductwork. It’s simple for professionals to install them into the walls, and the vent opening are only small holes that can easily blend in with any décor.
  • Great for remodeling and home construction: The same ease of installation makes high velocity a perfect choice if you’re remodeling parts of your house or building a new house.

Is a High Velocity System Your Best Choice?

We can’t answer this in a blog post, because we don’t know your specific situation. There are some drawbacks to high velocity that may affect your decision, or which may not matter.

These systems are costlier to install up front, although for a retrofit you’ll also save money thanks to the easier work involved in installation. Some people may not enjoy the force of the air coming from the vents if they’re too close to them. High velocity systems also tend to make more noise than traditional heat pumps, and they aren’t as effective with zone control systems.

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