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Heating Services to Consider before Winter Arrives

Another winter season in Massachusetts is approaching and will be upon us before we realize it. Before the temperature drops too far, make sure that your home is properly winterized to keep your family comfortable and your heating bills under control.

Here is some advice for heating services that will help you prepare for the chilly season. We have helped homeowners stay comfortable with heating services in MetroWest since 1987

Consider these heating services for winter preparation

  • Heating system maintenance: This isn’t a suggestion, actually. Annual maintenance is essential for a home heater to work its best, conserve energy, avoid emergency breakdowns, and achieve the longest possible service lifetime. You can arrange with a professional heating contractor to provide your heater with a complete inspection and tune-up so that it’s ready to handle the winter cold. The process requires about an hour of work, but it will pay off with excellent performance from the system and increased peace of mind for you. No matter what type or model of heater you have—boiler, furnace, heat pump, radiant floor heating—you need to schedule professional maintenance for it.
  • Thermostat upgrade: A new thermostat can make a tremendous difference for your home’s winter heating, especially if you have an old manual dial-and-sliders system. With a digital programmable model, you will have more precision temperature settings. You can also control when the heater comes on and off, so it can prepare the house before you come home in the evening without it needing to remain on all day. Also investigate the convenience of wireless thermostats.
  • Heating system replacement: If a heating system is many years old, it might be time to replace it—and you definitely want to have this job finished before winter arrives. Look over your heating bills for the last few years to check if they have started to climb steeply, and also examine the amount of repairs needed to keep the system running. If repair costs are greater than $500 a year, you should consider a replacement. A maintenance technician will help you with this choice during a regular visit. Make sure you schedule any replacement service soon so you won’t get caught with a old heater that dies during a cold winter night.

You can contact Basnett Plumbing & Heating today to arrange for maintenance by signing one of our excellent service agreements. During maintenance, our technicians can give you advice on other heating services in MetroWest you may need to have a worry-free, comfortable, and economical winter.

Contact Basnett Plumbing & Heating, and let our experienced technicians assist you with getting energy-saving performance that will prevent your bills from soaring.

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