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Is Your Heating System Properly Maintained for Colder Weather?

Temperatures are slowly dropping, but you’ll be using your heating system full time before you know it. And once you do, you may notice certain problems with your heater that pop up right when you really need your heating system to run.

Prevent this problem with heating maintenance, and get many other benefits as well when you sign up for a maintenance program with a qualified contractor.

Why You Need Maintenance Services Soon

A local HVAC contractor can come out to your home to make sure your heater is prepared as temperatures start to drop. What makes this service so important to you, your home, and your family?

  • Safety – Gas heating systems can run into a number of safety issues, including gas and monoxide leaks. While it may be somewhat rare with modern systems, it’s still possible. It is very important you have the system checked out before you run the heater this year.
  • Efficiency – Your heater may be operating inefficiently as parts have worn down over the last year. During a maintenance visit, a technician performs a tune-up that may help to improve or restore efficiency.
  • Performance – Your technicians will identify problems in need of repair and provide a tune-up that can prevent system breakdowns and improve the performance of your heater throughout the season.

Make Sure Your Heater Is Always Prepared

You’ll never have to rush to see that your heating system gets the service it needs when you sign up for a maintenance program with a local contractor! Many HVAC companies offer maintenance programs—agreements you enter into to receive maintenance visits for a set price and get additional benefits from the company.

For example, our Ultimate Service Agreements include reminders for service, discounts on repairs, and convenient payment plans. We can also maintain your plumbing system. Call your local technicians for more information!

If you’re in the Westford area, call Basnett Plumbing & Heating for more information about our heating maintenance services.

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