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Benefits of Installing a Humidifier for Your Home

“It’s a dry heat” is usually a way to say that a hot day doesn’t feel as awful as it could. However, dry air can create as many problems as humid air, and if your home is suffering from issues with low humidity, you will need to find a way to fix it… especially during the winter, when dry air puts an edge on the cold, the exact reverse of the feeling of a “dry heat.”

The best method to cope with low humidity is installation of a whole-house humidifier. Small portable humidifiers are fine for taking care of a single room, but you can only deal with the full scope of the problem with professional installation of a whole-house unit into your HVAC system. Call the indoor air quality experts at Basnett Plumbing & Heating and ask about our services for humidifiers in Middlesex County. We will help your home achieve a comfortable and healthy balance of indoor humidity.

How a whole-house humidifier benefits you

  • Increased comfort: The reason that heat is more difficult to tolerate with high humidity is because the moisture in the air makes it harder for your body to release heat through perspiration. The opposite occurs in cold air, where the low moisture draws heat rapidly out of your body, making cold temperatures seem worse. This can create a problem during winters, making a house feel extra chilly to everyone in it. A humidifier will provide a comforting balance of air moisture.
  • Energy efficiency: Going hand-in-hand with better comfort, a humidifier will require you to run your heating system less frequently during the winter.
  • Fewer health issues: Dry air causes cracked and irritated skin and itchy eyes. It will also dry up sinuses and mucus membranes, which is not only uncomfortable, but also lowers the body’s defense against the spread of illness. In low humidity, flus and colds will become much more common. A number of viruses also thrive in dry climates. A humidifier will reduce these problems.
  • Protection for building material and valuables: Low humidity sucks moisture out of surfaces in your home as well, which will cause a number of problems. Wood is most susceptible to damage, and will crack in low humidity. This can create severe damage for precision musical instruments and valuable antiques. It will also peel wallpaper and painted surfaces. Balanced humidity thanks to a whole-house humidifier will help to protect your home.

Come to us for all the services necessary for humidifiers in Middlesex County. (And if your air is too humid, we offer dehumidifiers as well.)

The professionals at Basnett Plumbing & Heating will help you locate the right humidifier for your home and install it so that it does that job you need.

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