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Concord, MA Plumbing Repair Tip: Why Drain Clogs Are Serious Business

For most homeowners, the word “plumbing” makes us think of the kitchen sink, of showerheads, faucets, and hot water. But the pipes in your plumbing system are a complex and integral part of your home that needs professional attention just like any other part. In particular, most non-professionals are apt to take the wastewater disposal system for granted.  By swiftly removing organic waste from your home and disposing of it in the septic tank or municipal waste management system, your plumbing allows you to flush the toilet, take a hot shower, and wash your clothes and dishware. That’s why drain clogs are serious business, and should not be taken lightly. Call Basnett Plumbing for comprehensive Concord, MA plumbing repair services.

There are numerous potential causes of drain clogs. Considering how much wear and tear they endure, it’s no wonder that hair, grease, food, and other organic waste may begin to accumulate on the interior surface of the piping. While you’re probably familiar with having to plunge the toilet or remove an unsightly clump of hair at your shower drain, clogs can also occur deep within your plumbing system, which makes them difficult to fix without professional equipment and skill.

Another problem arises when mineral deposits attach themselves to the interior of your drainpipes, having been left behind by hard water. Such blockages are much more difficult to remove than other types of clogs, but can be removed by hydrojetting. Another potential cause of a clog occurs if your sewer main fails. If it has collapsed or it becomes blocked by penetrating tree roots, then your plumbing system simply can’t work properly.

Fortunately, you have options. Professional plumbing technicians can repair such issues by using video camera inspection and other tests to determine the location and type of problem. Once it is diagnosed, then he can offer a solution that works for you. It’s best to call immediately for professional Concord, MA plumbing repair, to ensure that it doesn’t worsen. Call Basnett Plumbing today!

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