Don’t Try to DIY These 4 Plumbing Problems!

Cleaning Sink With Cup Plunger plumbing mistakes
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a family in possession of a good house, must be in want of amateur plumbing. It’s generally just a bad idea to have amateurs work on your plumbing issues, and even worse to try to do them on your own. Yes, there are a few small fixes you can handle yourself, such as cleaning the aerator in a faucet when it gets jammed up with silt, or using a basic sink plunger to clear out a clog. So take this as our basic caution against trying any “do-it-yourself” magic on your plumbing. But in particular, leave the four following troubles to a certified plumber in Concord, MA.

ONE: Low water pressure around the house

When water pressure is low at a single faucet, it’s usually a silted-up aerator—and that you can remedy yourself. But when water pressure drops all around the house, a much bigger issue is responsible. Check first to see if this is a municipal issue (ask your neighbors if they’re having similar water pressure problems). If it isn’t, call for a plumber. The major difficulty, in this case, is discovering what is causing the problem, because there are many possibilities.

TWO: Leak location and repair

When you start to notice water damage on the ceiling or walls, or you think your water bill is far higher than it should be, a hidden leak is the likely cause. Finding the exact location of this leak isn’t something you can do with guesswork, no matter how obvious the signs of leaking are. To avoid causing excess damage to the building material and ensure the pipe leak it fixed correctly, leave the work to a licensed plumber.

THREE: Sewer line issues

Strange odors from a drain might mean the p-trap is dry. You just need to run water down the drain for a minute to fix this. But if those odors are coming from multiple drains, or your experience consistently clogs around the house and slow drains, it’s likely a sewer line problem. Do not try to use chemicals or some kind of drain auger to “fix” this. Sewer line work is complicated and requires complicated equipment. Have professionals on the job as soon as you can get them.

FOUR: Frozen pipes

This is a big one for people who think they can DIY plumbing problems. When a pipe freezes in winter, one of the worst ways to fix the trouble is attempting to thaw out the pipes with space heaters, a blow-dryer, or (please, please, please don’t do this!) an acetylene torch. (Seriously, don’t do it!) Aside from possibly hurting yourself, thawing the pipe this way will speed up the chance of the pipe bursting because it raises pressure inside the pipe. Professional plumbers who live in regions with cold winters understand the best way to deal with frozen pipes—fast, and without causing damage. Our plumbers are ready to help you, and we offer emergency service for when plumbing disaster strike.

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