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MetroWest Area Heating Question: What is a Hot Water Recirculation System?

When you turn on your shower’s hot water faucet, you normally have to stand back and wait for the hot water from the water heater to arrive. This is just a normal part of life that most people expect to happen. However, that water you waste while you wait for the hot water to arrive can start to add up. With a hot water recirculation system, those days of waiting for the hot water to arrive are over. At Basnett, we provide comprehensive hot water recirculation system installation, repair and maintenance in the MetroWest area. We wanted to make our customers aware of this terrific product that can make their home more comfortable.

Types of Hot Water Recirculation Systems

There are two standard types of hot water recirculation systems. Here is a brief description of how each one works.

  • Demand system – This type of hot water recirculation system uses an electric pump to circulate hot water through your plumbing system. When you need hot water, a motion sensor near the faucet or a manual switch is activated to turn the pump on. While this system typically is the most efficient, it doesn’t always work as quickly as the other types of hot water recirculation systems.
  • Gravity system – Thermosiphoning is the process of heat moving. In a gravity hot water recirculation system, the water heater is installed below the plumbing. This way, hot water from it rises through the pipes and the cold, more dense water falls back to the water heater through a return line to be re-heated. This system offers simplicity when compared to the demand system. However, it is typically less efficient because it has to operate constantly.

If you’re tired of having to waste water while you wait for hot water in your home, call the plumbers at Basnett Plumbing & Heating. We provide complete hot water recirculation system services in the MetroWest area.

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