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Gas Piping Services in Littleton, MA

Nothing is more important than having a safe, comfortable environment for your family. But, if you can save some money in the process, reducing your energy bill and cutting your impact on the environment, isn’t it worth making an upgrade to your home? Gas piping from Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC can help you convert your heating system to natural gas and propane – often less expensive and far more efficient than traditional heating oil.

New Gas Line Installation

More and more homes in MetroWest area are turning to installation of new gas piping. This is a complex process that requires tapping into the city’s natural gas pipeline grid, and installation of a range of new pipes in your home. We’ll ensure that your piping installation is a smooth, quick process to minimize the interruption in your home.

Leaks and Repairs

When a gas leak occurs, you don’t have time to wait around for someone to visit and sniff it out. You need prompt and immediate service to identify, patch and permanently repair the leak before it puts your family at risk.

We use cutting edge technology to quickly identify the source of a gas leak, and then leap into action to patch it. We follow up by checking the rest of your gas piping to ensure nothing else is leaking and that the pipes are in good shape to maintain supply in your home.

General repairs, while less urgent, are equally important as only well maintained gas piping will keep from springing a new leak in the future. If you live in an old home or simply have not had your gas piping checked in a long time, it is important to have regular, routine maintenance to check for potential leaks, weakening pipes, or outside environmental factors that could put your heating supply at risk.

Installations and Remodels

When installing new appliances or remodeling your home in the Metro West Boston area, gas piping may be needed to extend into the new space you’ve created. We’ll will lay the ground work of your gas piping system and ensure that every step of the way is carefully monitored for safe, efficient gas delivery.

We provide a variety of appliance installations as well, including new stoves, boilers, heater vents and radiators, and exhaust vents. While on site, we carefully perform a wide variety of pressure and leak tests to ensure your gas piping will hold up without any issues for years to come. If we notice anything at all, we will let you know immediately and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Gas piping can have a tremendous positive impact on your home, but it is also a very serious part of your home’s design. Without careful attention to installation and the quality of piping used, you risk much more than a higher heating bill. Let Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC provide the expert, experienced service you need to ensure your new gas system is top of the line and safe.