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Littleton, MA Water Heaters by Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC

Are you looking for a new water heater for your home? Are you curious about the latest high-efficiency models? Does your existing water heater's performance leave a lot to be desired? We can make sure that your hot water supply is both bountiful and efficiently produced.

Considering just how important your water heater is to your day-to-day home life, it’s imperative that you hire a professional plumber to install and service it. We offer a variety of water heaters for installation, including conventional tank systems and the latest tankless models. Trust our team with your water heater in Littleton, MA, and throughout the MetroWest area.

Trusted for Over 30 Years! Contact Basnett for the highest quality water heater service.

Which Water Heater Is Right for You?

Considering just how many options there are on the market today, it can be a challenge to figure out what type of water heater is right for you. There are plenty of factors to consider: your budget, energy efficiency ratings, and whether you want a conventional tank, tankless, or indirect fired water heater. Our plumbers will help you every step of the way in finding the right system for your needs and personal user preferences. We use only high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers, and we’re eager to assist you. We offer services for a wide range of different water heater systems, including Bosch systems.

Our Professional Water Heater Services

In addition to new system installations, we also specialize in diagnosing water heater problems that can hamper your system’s operation. Whether you don’t have sufficient hot water or you suspect that you’re paying too much for hot water, we offer prompt service. Have any questions? We’re always pleased to hear from customers.

Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters have long been the go-to system for homeowners when it comes to hot water, and for good reason. We offer exceptional tank water heaters throughout the area, both for installation as well as replacement.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you’d like greater energy efficiency when it comes to your water heater, then it may be time to consider a tankless water heater. We can make sure that yours functions exactly as it should, from selecting it carefully so that it meets your demand, to integrating it within your plumbing system.

Indirect Fired Water Heaters

This type of water heater uses the thermal energy produced by your boiler to heat your water. It’s a high–efficiency system that recovers quickly, meaning that you don’t have to wait for your hot water. We not only install indirect fired water heaters, but we also service them.

Water Heater Installation

When it comes to purchasing a large appliance such as a water heater, you need to make sure that you make the right choice when selecting your system. You also need to know that the water heater installation is done correctly every step of the way. Our plumbers are here to take care of your home.

Water Heater Maintenance

Taking care of your water heater is a job best left to a professional. When you call on the team at Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC, we’ll ensure that your system’s performance and efficiency levels are top–notch. We spare no effort at making sure your tank or tankless water heater works just as promised.

Water Heater Repair

All water heaters break down from time to time. While you can count on our team to fix your water heater if it’s dysfunctional, it is up to you to pick up the phone. If you notice that your water heater is no longer working as it should, then reach out to our team. Our water heater repair service is excellent. Contact Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today for all of your water heater service needs.

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