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Water Heater Installation by Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC

Thinking about a new water heater for your household? Want to make sure the job is done right the first time? We understand how important hot water is to your household, and we’re eager to undertake your water heater installation, whether you’re starting from scratch in a new home or your existing system no longer functions as it should and you need to replace it. We use only high-quality equipment for our clients, because we understand the value of reliability and performance, as well as energy efficiency.

Let Basnett be your go-to plumber in the area. Family owned and operated since 1987, we take pride in the quality of our products and services, as well as our workmanship. Reach out to our courteous staff for expert water heater services. You’ll be pleased you did.

Trusted for Over 30 Years! Contact Basnett for the highest quality water heater service.

How to Choose Your Water Heater

The plumbers on our team are here to assist you with excellent water heater installation services throughout the Littleton, MA, area. Hot water is one of the most important amenities in your home—it’s just not "home" without ample hot water for showers and cleaning. But it’s not as simple as picking the first water heater you come across. Read on for some factors to guide your choice. When you’re ready, we’ll make sure the job is done quickly and correctly.

Plenty of Hot Water

Having enough hot water in your home is a must. When it comes to choosing a new water heater for your household, your system’s hot water capacity needs to match your needs. We’ll work with you to figure out what exactly that may be, taking into account the number of family members you live with, as well as the number of fixtures and appliances in your home.

Energy Efficiency vs. Cost

You will also need to find a balance between energy efficiency and cost. For those looking for the most modest setup with no frills and a minimal price tag, a storage tank water heater should suit you just fine. But if you’re concerned about the long–term costs of hot water, then you may want to pay a bit more upfront in order to save over time. In that case, a tankless water heater offers plenty of advantages, although for very large homes, multiple units may be required.

Why Professional Water Heater Installation Is Necessary

Your plumbing system is responsible for a great variety of daily tasks around the household, but it cannot function properly if it is not installed and serviced by a professional. The same goes for your water heater.

Basnett plumbers have the technical expertise and experience to undertake your water heater installation, and make sure it’s a success. We offer a number of different systems for installation, including tank, tankless, and indirect fired water heaters, and we are also an Accredited Bosch Contractor. Get in touch with the water heater installation specialists at Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC today.

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