Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

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For Littleton homeowners, seeing anything leaking inside or outside the home can be somewhat alarming. When water is coming from your air conditioning unit, you may want to pay attention as the leak may be a red flag to a larger problem. Our team at Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC wants to provide you with some simple things you can check as well as explanations for possible water leaks. If you have any doubts, be sure to contact one of our heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) experts to inspect your air conditioning system.

Check the Condensate Drain for Clogs

The condensate drain allows the safe draining of water created by the air conditioning process out of your home. Regular cleaning is needed or the drain can become partially or even fully clogged. A clogged drain can back up and leak into the home.

Consider the Evaporator Coil

An icing evaporator coil can be caused by a number of different items, potentially leading to a damage-causing leak and overworking your equipment. Regularly maintaining and inspecting your system will help identify and prevent these minor issues from becoming major ones.

Examine Drain Line Connection

Although installing your air conditioner yourself or using an amateur could result in longer term problems from the get-go, even a professionally installed air conditioning system can develop a loose drain line connection over time. Having one of our Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC technicians inspect your system on a regular basis can ensure that all connections are secure. In the meantime, check to see if your drain line connection is loose or even disconnected as this can cause leaks.

Inspect Your Condensate Pump

Checking to make sure components such as your condensate pump are working properly is another advantage of having regular maintenance. A malfunctioning condensate pump cannot pump out the water, causing overflowing and leaking from the pan and appearing around your air conditioner.

See If Your Refrigerant Level is Low

Any maintenance task that involves the refrigerant should be handled by an HVAC professional. Low coolant levels can lead to freezing evaporator coils, which can result in an overflowing drip pan and leakage.

Change Your Air Filter

Replacing your air filter is a straightforward task for most Massachusetts homeowners. Most filters should be replaced every three to six months. A clogged air filter restricts airflow over the evaporator coils, causing freezing and ice accumulation, leading to equipment or water damage. In addition, changing your air filters regularly can reduce your energy bills by 5 percent to 15 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Unsure? Call Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC for AC Leaking

Draining condensate is normal for air conditioning systems. However, if you are noticing a great deal of regular water leaking, be sure to call our team in Littleton, MA, for assistance. We would be happy to come out and inspect your system to properly diagnose your issue. Call us at 978-486-3767 or contact us online!

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