Air Handler & Supply Return Line Repair in Sterling, MA 01564

“I contacted Basnett Plumbing due to the lack of heat in my home.

Phinias from Basnett came to my home to troubleshoot the problem. Within a short time, he was able to tell that my First Company air handler heat exchanger and Fosta Pex supply/return piping needed replacement. He ordered the parts and I was contacted a few days later to schedule an appropriate time for the repair. Phinias came back out for the repair and showed me how the existing parts failed due to clogging. He installed the new parts and we again have warm comfortable air in our home.

Thank you Phinias for being knowledgeable of my Hydronic Heating System and working in an efficient and professional manner. Thank you Basnett for restoring heat in my home.”

– Shaun F.