How a New Toilet May Be Better for Your Back

September 26th, 2016

If it’s nearly time for a new toilet, here’s something to consider. Today, there are more options than you may think, and it’s worth it to shop around for the best option for your home. One recommendation that we make for many of our customers is a comfort height toilet. Learn more here!

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Heating Repairs You May Need Early in the Season

September 19th, 2016

Early on in the heating season, you’re hoping to avoid high heating costs. Luckily, you won’t need to run your heater too much early on in the colder seasons, so your monthly bills won’t be so high. However, we strongly recommend investing a little bit of money into your heating system now, so that you won’t need to pay a ton of money for repairs late in the season.

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Is Your Heating System Properly Maintained for Colder Weather?

September 12th, 2016

Temperatures are slowly dropping, but you’ll be using your heating system full time before you know it. And once you do, you may notice certain problems with your heater that pop up right when you really need your heating system to run.

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The Heating Season Is Near: Here’s How to Keep Your Home Safe

September 7th, 2016

Today, heating systems are safer than they have ever been in the past. Mostly, you don’t have to worry about fires, gas leaks, and carbon monoxide leaks, so long as your heater is well-maintained. However, it is a possibility, so you should be as prepared as possible.

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4 More Ways to Make Your Home Efficient

September 5th, 2016

You might forget just how much energy your heating and air conditioning equipment uses until there comes a day when extreme weather forces the systems to work overtime to keep you comfortable. Heating and AC systems take up a large portion of most people’s bills in this country. But there are some steps you can take that may reduce the strain on your comfort systems and help you to stay comfortable for longer.

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Sign Up for a Service Agreement for Your Heater Today

August 31st, 2016

When you have a heating system that’s been dormant for many months, you never know what kinds of problems await. Gas heating systems may develop issues such as carbon monoxide leaks or gas leaks that make your heater dangerous to use. And last winter surely wore out the system to some extent, meaning the system may not operate so efficiently in the upcoming months.

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How Dirty Ducts Can Raise Your Bills

August 29th, 2016

Over time, the insides of your ducts are bound to get dusty. Sometimes, this dust is relatively harmless, while eventually all of the buildup can threaten your health. That’s when a lot of people decide it’s time to schedule professional duct cleaning services. But did you know that this service is also important for those hoping to save on annual heating and cooling costs?

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Why a Heat Pump May Be the Best Replacement for Your Old AC

August 24th, 2016

Many conventional homes, at least those with air ducts and vents, have this setup: an air conditioner and furnace to move air and heat through the home. However, this isn’t the only way to set up a home comfort system. In fact, it may not even be the best option for your home.

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Don’t Wait Any Longer to Replace Your Heater

August 22nd, 2016

Is your heating system approaching the end of its life? Has it already broken down, or has a technician told you that it’s bound to happen soon enough? Don’t wait any longer to replace your heater. Technicians are standing by and you can get the heater you need today for less hassle and, possibly, a lower cost.

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Maintaining Your Water Heater Tank

August 17th, 2016

Most people don’t think about the condition of their water heaters until it is too late. Low temperatures, loud noises, and even a leaky tank are all possibilities, and things that no one wants to deal with when they’re just trying to take a hot shower. Stay ahead of the game by taking the right steps to keep your water heater maintained. It can help to save you money and a lot of hassle later on.

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