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Why is My AC Blowing Warm Air? An Air Conditioning Question from Westford MA

We all rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us comfortable during the hottest months of the summer. However, a very common Westford, MA air conditioning repair that we see is an AC that is blowing warm air. Make sure that you call the professionals at Basnett Plumbing and Heating if you’re having any problems with your air conditioning system. We can fix any issue that you might be having no matter what make or model of AC unit that you have. Here are a few of the most common causes of warm air coming out of your AC.

  • Thermostat – Your thermostats are one of the most important and most overlooked components of your air conditioning system. If your thermostat is mis-calibrated or malfunctioning, it could be telling your air conditioning system to blow warm air into your home.
  • Compressor: The refrigerant goes into the compressor as a gas, where it is compressed which causes its temperature and energy to rise. Then it goes to the condenser coils, which dissipates the heat. If your condenser coils are dirty or your compressor is malfunctioning, your AC will not be able to cool the air properly.
  • Fan motor – The fan motor in your air conditioning system is critical to its operation. If the fan motor isn’t working well then it could meant that you aren’t getting enough cool air into your home. As the air moves slowly through your ducts it could absorb quite a bit of heat and cause it to be warm once it actually gets to the registers in your home.

Call the Westford, MA air conditioning repair, replacement and installation experts at Basnett Plumbing & Heating today. If your air conditioning system needs to be replaced we will work with you to find a good system that matches your home’s needs and your budget.

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