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3 Great Concord, MA Heating Options

In Concord, MA, heating is far from a casual consideration. You need a warm home when the snows start falling, and a reliable heating system will give you considerable peace of mind during the cold winter months.  Here in New England, we have a wide variety of homes, from centuries-old colonials to modern condos and tract homes. That means an equally wide array of heating systems to warm your home. Which one is best for you depends on your specific home; as far as general heating options go, a trio of great choices are listed below.

  • Radiant Heating. Radiant heating systems work by heating panels in the walls of floor of your house. It has the advantage of being quite efficient, since it doesn’t depend on ducts to transfer hot air. The lack of circulation is also beneficial to anyone suffering from allergies because it doesn’t move the air (and the allergens therein).
  • Furnaces. Furnaces are by far the most common heating option in your home. They can run on gas, oil or electricity, and come in numerous shapes and sizes. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, all furnaces should have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of at least 75% or higher. If your furnace isn’t that efficient – especially if it’s an older model – you should upgrade it to one that is.
  • Boilers. Boilers operate using gas or oil-based fuel; they work by heating water in a boiler, then using the steam or hot water to distribute the heat throughout the house (either through a pipe system or with the use of radiators). They’re fairly common in New England, since they operate on older technology more prevalent in older houses.

If you’re exploring heating options and need some expert advice, give Basnett Plumbing & Heating a call. We handle heating in Concord, MA and throughout the surrounding area, and our trained staff is ready to answer any questions you might have. Call us for a consultation today. 

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