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Sudbury, MA Heating Question: What Are Unico High Velocity Systems?

Central heating and air conditioning are one of the truly great innovations in the business of keeping your home comfortable. There is nothing quite like the even, effective heating and air conditioning performance on those hot, sticky nights and bitter winter mornings. Unfortunately, a lot of homes in the Sudbury, MA area simply are not very duct friendly, meaning that the installation of a central heating and air conditioning would either be an involved, costly venture or compromise the historic qualities of the home. A Unico high velocity system from Basnett Plumbing & Heating is a great solution to this very predicament.

Traditional air duct systems are big and bulky. When installed during the construction of a home it is not that big an issue. However, if you have an older home without this type of ductwork system your home may not even be able to accommodate a retrofit. That is where Unico high velocity systems come in.

Rather than use large, bulky air ducts to distribute heated and cooled air throughout a building, high velocity systems use small, flexible ducts. The size and flexibility of these air ducts allow them to be threaded between walls and ceiling panels, eliminating the need for costly, disruptive construction and remodeling.

There are other benefits to these high velocity systems in addition to their versatility and the ease of their installation. The smaller air ducts that they use help to reduce the occurrence of air drafts. They also reduce temperature variations between different rooms in your home, allowing for even and comfortable heating and air conditioning performance. During the summer months the cooler air from these ducts will help to minimize the development of humid conditions in your home. These systems are also very efficient and can help cut down on the high energy costs incurred when using multiple window units.

For more information about Unico high velocity systems. contact Basnett Plumbing & Heatingg. We are happy to make your home in the Sudbury, MA area more comfortable to live in. Remember, just because your home is old or does not have preexisting ductwork, it does not meant that you should sacrifice comfort to preserve the building.

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